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10 Reasons Why Spring Break is a College Student’s Dream Vacation

1. It’s always right after midterms and who wouldn’t want to get away from that stress?

2. Tropical destinations are always everyones first choice.

3. With tropical destinations come tropical drinks…

4. Sun kissed skin makes any day better.

5. Traveling with your best friends makes every day a party.

6. Beaches, palm trees and other island scenery make the perfect backdrop for Instagram pictures.

7. You can choose to do absolutely nothing except sit poolside.

8. You can try new, adventurous things.

9. Relaxation is on every anxiety-ridden college students mind.

10. And who knows, you might even find yourself an island boy.

Alexa Bernard -Sophomore at The University of North Carolina at Charlotte -Athlete, puppy enthusiast, lover of all places warm and sunny (preferably with a beach) -Sepsis survivor -Follow my Insta: alexa_marie11
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