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Yes The Chiefs Won, But We Need to Talk About That Halftime Show

February 2 was a monumental day in many ways. For Kansas City, it was a day of celebration as our Chiefs won the Super Bowl in a game that could only be seen to be believed. It was the night where dreams became reality, strangers celebrated together in the light of triumph and the whole city bled red and gold. But for the majority of America,the Super Bowl is more than just a football game— it’s an event. And many think of the halftime show as the main event. This year we had Jennifer Lopez (JLo) and Shakira take the stage in Miami. In just a little under 15 minutes, they were able to cement their place as one of the best halftimes shows. Here are some reasons why.

The power of two women joining forces on a national stage

Going into the halftime show, there were the inevitable debates comparing who would be better: JLo or Shakira. This is just another testament to how people pit thriving women against each other. But, whether it be Shakira’s incredible hip movements or how JLo makes dancing on a pole seem effortless, both women have their own unique attributes which shined throughout the performance. 

The Latino Pride

From the guest appearances of Bad Bunny and J Balvin, Lopez’s outfit change including a feather cape that featured both the Puerto Rican and American flags as well as the ending with the the Colombian salsa dance group Swing Latino, the halftime show became a celebration of culture. 

The Message

With the introduction of Emme Muñiz, Lopez’s daughter, in the later half of the show, a sea of children flooded the stage, some being locked in cages on stage. Dressed in an ensemble of white USA flag sweaters, together they sang a rendition of “Born In the USA.” I believe this subtle message about the US-Mexico border crisis and inhumane treatment of illegal immigrants was needed, especially in the climate and times we live in. On the biggest stage on the biggest night in America, I am glad that Lopez and Shakira took that time to spread awareness.

There’s a reason that after the halftime show ended, I exclaimed, “This is one of the best halftime shows ever.” It’s because it went beyond showcasing their multitude of hit records and instead made it a celebration of two Latina women coming together for the first time in Super Bowl history to dominate the stage. And in times where we are plagued with bad news and people pitting others against each other, the unification of JLo and Shakira on the Super Bowl stage was something that was needed.

Cynthia Anyaso is a 1st year medical student at UMKC. She is a writer with Her Campus UMKC and her favorite things include discovering new music, traveling, taking naps, watching Youtube, and online shopping.
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