Why You Need To Watch Hannah B As The Bachelorette

Make sure those fridges are stocked with wine, ladies. This Monday, Hannah Brown is gracing our TV's as the Bachelorette. It's been a crazy ride for Alabama Hannah, who went from pageant drama on Colton's season to the quirky persona of the Beast. She wasn't the only choice for Bachelorette, and she wasn't the favorite either, but that won't stop her from finding love. Although not every Bachelor Nation fan is thrilled to watch her this season, Hannah B is primed to win over America’s heart. Here are four good reasons why you need to tune in to her season premiere on May 13th.

  1. 1. She’s Super Relatable

    I’m sure we’ve all had at least one awkward date. There was stuttering, maybe some uncomfortable toasts and stilted conversation. Hannah B’s first date with Colton was the epitome of awkward and that’s okay. We can’t have nerves of steel constantly and sometimes dates just don’t flow well. The realness of dating isn’t always portrayed accurately on reality TV — especially not on shows like the “The Bachelor,” where dates are staged and the conversations are prompted. So, Hannah B’s date was refreshing and relatable because we got to see authentic interactions involving someone who was nervous.

    That wasn’t her only moment of relatability. After Hannah B powered through that date, she bounced back and allowed her personality to shine through. She let loose on future group dates, embodying her beast persona by fighting in a pirate costume and tackling Vovinam (a Vietnamese form of martial arts). Who else is roaring on national television and calling themselves a beast? Talk about character development. So, not only is Hannah B a little awkward sometimes, she’s quirky and fun. She’s the antithesis to those curated social media influencer personalities we see far too often.

  2. 2. She’s Confident

    Hannah B was totally comfortable in her own skin on Colton’s season. She even lounged around the mansion and hotels with no makeup on. Sure, she’s not the first contestant to go barefaced, but can we talk about how she did it while on Accutane? Like it was no big deal? That takes major confidence.

    In an Instagram Q&A session with her followers, she advised everyone to not “wear makeup when you don't have to.” Hannah continued by saying, “[I had] the worst skin of my life on national television — and I still didn't wear makeup when I didn't have to.”

    In a society where clear skin is glorified, can you imagine having the worst skin of your life on TV? But Hannah B sat there with poise and confidence and looked absolutely stunning. She reminded us that all skin types are beautiful, and she also gave great advice about taking care of your skin and owning it. That’s my Bachelorette!

  3. 3. She Has Class and Sass

    I wish I could handle my breakups like Hannah B. Seriously, this woman was taken to meet Colton’s parents on the same day he dumped her. If that were me, shoes would be thrown. Instead, Hannah B handled the breakup gracefully and still let Colton know his place.

    When he started giving his rehearsed elimination speech saying how there’s someone out there for her, her response was, “I know that.” Tell him, girl! And to top it all off, she had some inspiring final words during her limo exit, saying, “I will not allow myself to not feel chosen every single day.” Can I get this tattooed on me forever, please?

    Clearly, Hannah B is a woman who knows her worth. She deserves the very best, and as the Bachelorette, she gets an opportunity to find someone who will choose her every day. Who wouldn’t want to support that?

  4. 4. We Finally Get To Meet Her Awesome Parents

    I would like to say a huge thank you to the producers for picking Hannah B as the Bachelorette because now we actually get to meet her cool family that Colton robbed us of. Take one look at her parents and you’ll see where she gets her fun, quirky personality from. I low-key want them to adopt me.

    Hannah refers to her family as “party animals”, and she was pretty disappointed that we didn’t get to see them on the last season of “The Bachelor.” Now that she’s the Bachelorette, they’re almost guaranteed to make an appearance. And from the looks of it, it’ll be a pretty crazy time. Out of all the reasons to watch her season, this is definitely the top one.

Not everyone wanted Hannah B as the Bachelorette but the truth is, she’s a confident and vivacious woman who deserves this journey to find love. She evolved from the awkward “Roll Tide” toast to Hannah Beast and then embodied confidence, poise and class. Now she gets to grace our TV screens once again as the Bachelorette, knowing exactly what she wants in a man. Whatever your opinion of her was on Colton’s season, you can’t miss her on “The Bachelorette”. As the May 13th premiere approaches, get ready for a fun and dramatic season. All aboard the Alabama Hannah train!