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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UMKC chapter.

If you’re anything like me, during quarantine, you’ve been binge-watching shows all day every day. For me, my guilty pleasure has been “Sex and the City.” I’m in love with the show. Hell, if I could marry it, I would. It has the right amount of femininity and open-mindedness about sex and drama you could ask for in a show. Most people always want to be Carrie Bradshaw, but throughout the series, I couldn’t help but want to be Miranda Hobbes.

If you know anything about the show, you know that Carrie is the main character. She’s fashionable and lovable, but somehow always makes the same mistakes with Mr. Big. Samantha is the sexually liberated older woman of the group. Charlotte is the more conservative traditional type, the wasp. Then there is Miranda, the working woman.

At the time the show aired in the 90s, she was always seen as a character you never wanted to be. She was single, lived in an apartment by herself and was very much focused on her job with no plans of having kids. No one really wanted to be a Miranda.

However, when you think about it, Miranda is a successful lawyer in her early 30s with a penthouse apartment in New York City. Yes, she is single, but is that really a bad thing? Think about all the other amazing things that she’s doing for herself. Here are some reasons why Miranda is amazing.

She’s a GREAT friend.

This is why I strive to be a Miranda. If you watch the show, you know she’s always the more logical one who puts her friends before anything else —  even before men, unlike Carrie and Charlotte, who are entirely boy crazy. When her friends were in need, she would drop everything she was doing just to be there for them. Even when I was younger I thought, why doesn’t anybody like Miranda? I want her to be my friend!

She is unapologetically herself.

She knows she’s smart, and she’s not afraid to let people know it. She dresses how she wants, despite how her friends and others feel about her style. Spoiler, there is an episode where her housekeeper keeps throwing out her sex toys and trying to get her to find a man. Miranda sticks up for herself by telling her that she’s an independent woman and that she can find another housekeeper if need be. Throughout the series, there’s one constant, and it’s how much of a badass Miranda is.

She’s a feminist icon.

As I said before, Miranda is  a young, well-accomplished lawyer in New York City with a penthouse apartment who earned everything she has entirely on her own. If that doesn’t scream feminist, I don’t know what does. Throughout the series, she makes it clear that she never needs a man to make her feel complete. She ends up with a perfect guy for her at the end, but it’s not because she needs him; it’s because she genuinely wants to be with him.

Now, if you go online, you’ll see shirts that say, “I’m with Miranda,” or, “I want to be a Miranda.” This is simply because she has grown to be one of the most relatable characters as time has gone on.  With all your free time, go back and watch “Sex and the City” and get some inspiration from Miranda Hobbes herself.

Abbey is a sophomore at University of Missouri - Kansas city studying communications emphasis in Journalism and minoring in English. In her free time, she can be found coffee shop hoping around Kansas city, watching vine compilations on YouTube, or spending all her money at Sephora and beating her face to the gods.
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