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Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde’s Relationship

         Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde’s relationship continues to steep in drama, as they have been making headlines since they first came out as a couple. Some notable headlines include Wilde getting served court documents by ex-fiancé Jason Sudeikis while on stage promoting the movie and claims from fans that she and Styles had an affair on the set of the movie while Wilde was still engaged. Additionally, the tension between the Wilde and Styles at the Venice Film Festival led fans to believe the pair  broke up. However, contradictory to these claims, Wilde was seen dancing her heart out at Style’s September 21st concert at Madison Square Garden. 

The Shia LaBeouf, Olivia Wilde, and Florence Pugh Situation

         The situation involving Shia LaBeouf is a complicated and long story that I’m going to attempt to make short. Here’s what happened: LaBeouf was originally cast as Jack, who is now played by Styles. Wilde claimed in an interview that LeBeouf was fired due to conflict with co-star Florence Pugh. LeBeouf then took to social media to share a video clip of a phone call with Wilde that contradicts Wilde’s claims. In the phone call, Wilde asks LeBeouf to stay and says, “I think this might be a bit of a wake-up call for Miss Flo.” “Miss Flo” is of course referencing Pugh, who has yet to publicly comment on the situation.

The Venice Film Festival

         The Venice Film Festival is supposed to be a place to gain positive press for the movie. However, it seems to only produce lots of tension-filled photos, hilarious memes, and one iconic Instagram post.

         There are two significant parts of the festival: the panel, where the cast and director are asked questions about the movie and the premiere. Pugh was notably missing from the panel. The panel contained awkward questions and Chris Pine trying to keep a straight face while Harry Styles rambled about nothing, becoming memes in the process. Then came the iconic moment where Harry Styles “spit” on Chris Pine, in what Pine’s team refers to as an “odd online illusion,” (https://variety.com/2022/film/news/harry-styles-denies-spitting-chris-pine-1235361643/). 

         At the premiere, fans took notice that the placement of of the cast seemed very intentional, as Pugh, Styles, and Wilde never stood next to  each other. While the movie received a four-minute standing ovation, it can be noted that Pugh never made eye contact with Wilde.

         Oh, and the iconic Instagram post I mentioned earlier? It was when Pugh’s stylist posted a picture of Pugh in her dress headed to the premiere with the caption “Miss Flo.” This is of course referencing the leaked phone call between Wilde and LaBeouf. 

In all, this recap was a quick review of everything that’s happen. To experience it all for yourself, check out cast interviews, social media accounts and red carpet appearances. Or, skip the drama and head straight to the movie theater. 

Emma is majoring in English at the University of Missouri Kansas City. She plans on graduating Spring of 2024. In her free time she enjoys reading, baking, and thrifting for books.