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As the weather is warming up and spring is on its way, getting your nails done is the move. The best way to start off the new season is a fresh set of nails, but it may be hard to know where to start. Getting your nails done can also be expensive, so here are some of my favorite simple spring-inspired nail trends for 2022 that can be done without having to enter a salon or breaking the bank. 

Colorful French Tips

Such a cute but simple look. This design could be done directly on natural nails or with a wash of a natural-colored nail polish. The main point is to take your favorite color polish and add a simple French tip to your nails. It adds a fun pop of color, but isn’t too attention-grabbing if you are not the type to like bright colors. This trend can be very unique and it is easy to get creative with whatever colors you use. Pastel rainbow French tips are just one example of how you can customize an otherwise mundane French tip. Using a specific spring-themed color palette for this trend can instantly change the aura. Making the French tip may be hard but there are French tip sticker guides that can help perfect the look.


Though it may sound too fancy, even just adding one rhinestone to your nails can elevate the whole look. For spring specifically, my recent favorite nails have been natural nails with only one rhinestone at the bottom. It looks clean, professional, yet still adds flair. The best part of it? It takes almost no time to do! Just take a top coat and add one rhinestone on the center-bottom of the nail. You can get rhinestones from your local craft store or here (which comes with tweezers and a wax stick to help with adhering the stones). Depending on if you choose to add rhinestone gel or a gel top coat, the rhinestones may last longer, however, even without those things it is a cheap nail idea that is perfect for spring.

Jelly Nails

Syrup nails have been rising in popularity since the early 2010s, but simple jelly nails are perfect for this time of year. Jelly nails, also known as translucent or glass nails, are when the polish is slightly see-through. For spring, I would recommend picking a pastel polish to fit the spring vibe and adding only one coat to your natural nails to achieve a see-through look. Jelly nails are usually done with gel polish, but the look can also be accomplished by mixing top coat and a nail polish of choice. This is another simple trend that can be personalized in many different ways.

All of these trends can easily be done at home with almost no effort. It can be hard for students to find time to pamper themselves with nails and it can end up being expensive. However, the end product will leave you with cute nails that leave you spring-ready without breaking the bank. 

Samiya is a medical student at UMKC. She loves exploring new coffee shops, trying out new beauty trends, and is a sucker for all things wellness!
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