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For those of you who don’t know, anime shows are animated works that originated in Japan. I have recently started watching anime as my friend recommended it to me. Here are three anime shows that I really liked and that I think you should start with! 


Haikyuu!! was the first anime show that I watched and instantly fell in love with. In this story, the main character is a short volleyball player who has to work really hard and emphasize his other skills to make up for his height. He joins a volleyball team of a high school known as “the Fallen Crows” because the school won nationals but stopped winning a couple of years later. I really enjoyed the character development that was done for every character and how they each fit into the story. When the other teams were also bought into the plot it made the story even more interesting! Haikyuu!! currently has four seasons out, some extra episodes and even some movies. The fifth season is yet to come out. 

Jujitsu Kaisen

Jujitsu Kaisen is known for its stunning visuals and artistry. It is set in a world where there are monsters and sorcerers who fight the curses. The story is about the main character whose body is being possessed by the strongest curse when he tried to save his friend. This story also has very unique characters and an interesting plot. One thing that I liked about this show is that there are very strong and independent female characters that shine throughout the series. The manga (comics) for this anime is not over yet and the anime has two seasons out so far. 

My Hero Academia 

This anime is about characters that have magical powers that are not possessed by everyone. The main character is one that does not have powers but wants to be a hero and help people. He gains powers from another superhero and enrolls in a magic school called My Hero Academia where he meets other students that also have powers. The show is about their life at the academy and the enemies that they fight. I really liked the show because it had a comedic aspect to it and the characters are very unique. The anime started in 2014 and the fifth season is currently coming out.

The visuals in all anime shows make them so unique and fun to watch. There are so many different genres and types of animes with many different animation styles as well, so you are sure to find one that you like! Another thing that I like about anime is that you can also read the manga and see what the animations are based on. I hope you enjoy these shows as much as I did!

Hi! My name is Shreevarsha and I am currently a third year in the 6 year B.A./M.D. program at UMKC! My hobbies include doing art and reading!
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