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REM Beauty: What I Will and Will Not Be Purchasing

Many celebrities have taken a step into the beauty community by creating their own makeup brands. For example, Rihanna created the successful Fenty Beauty Brand and Selena Gomez created the well-known Rare Beauty. Now another celebrity has joined them: Ariana Grande. Ariana Grande’s makeup brand, REM Beauty, will be launching its first drop this Friday, November 12.

REM Beauty’s first drop is called “chapter one: ultraviolet,” and it includes highlighters, false lashes, eyeliner pencils and markers, eyeshadow palettes, liquid eyeshadows and lipsticks. All of the products are vegan and cruelty free. Grande has also hinted that there may be a foundation and concealer in the works for “chapter two.” 

Here is everything to know about REM Beauty.

The Brand is Named After Her Favorite Song:

Grande decided to name her brand based on the song “r.e.m.” that is featured on her 2018 album, “sweetener.” She says it, “Encompasses a lot of [her] favorite parts of [her] sound sonically” and how r.e.m. rapid eye movements portray that sometimes it is necessary to focus on your dreams. Our eyes can be the best way to illustrate something.

There’s a Concept Behind the Design:

The singer has always been obsessed with vintage sci-fi horror space stuff, and she wanted her packaging to portray that. She wanted everything to look like it came out of “Black Mirror” or “Star Trek” as a prop. Grande wanted to treat it, “Like Apple or Tesla and not treat it like makeup” because she desires to create her own world with her packaging. 

All of the Products Have Been Tour-Tested and “The Voice” Tested:

REM Beauty has been in the works for years. Grande discloses that many of the products have been tested when she was on the road for her sweetener/thank u, next world tour that was held in 2019. She recalls testing the highlighters on stage and then making notes on the formula. It has been a long journey to test everything and think of the names. 

The star has also been a judge on “The Voice” this season, and she’s been wearing all of her products. She recalls that everyone used to ask what makeup brand she was wearing. Back then, she would say, “I don’t know,” but now it is exciting to be able to say, “REM Beauty.” 

Meet The Products: 

The color story of the first chapter mostly stays in the realm of neutrals and shimmery nudes, with a few exceptions of a sparkly blue eyeshadow and purple iridescent highlighter. You can shop the products at rembeauty.com

midnight shadows eye shadow palettes

Price: $24 

Grande is launching the midnight shadows eye shadow palette in three different color stories: babydoll, principessa and midnight snack. She named these three palettes on nicknames that her grandpa and nona call her. “babydoll” is the most personal to her, and it consists of neutral warm tones. 

dream lashes

Price: $16

For now, the false eyelashes come in two styles: eternally meowing and grow & show. The eyelashes are made of faux minx. 

flourishing volumizing mascara and flourishing lengthening mascara

Price: $15 

The artist really wanted to launch two mascaras with this chapter because there is so much that you can do with the product. So, she launched one that is lengthening and clean that separates the lashes and another one that is more dramatic. 

at the borderline eyeliner marker

Price: $19 

It wouldn’t be an Ariana Grande makeup launch without an eyeliner! The marker comes in three shades: midnight black, teddy bear (brown), and so mod (white). The eyeliner marker is one of Ariana’s personal faves because it is, “Super precise and [she] likes that you can make the perfect little simple cat eye with it, but also just create more graphic looks with it.” The eyeliner tip is thin and flexible. 

midnight shadows liquid eye shadows

Price: $16 

The liquid eye shadows come in 10 matte and 11 metallic hues. As far as the colors go, you will find a variety of neutrals, warm tones and bright, standout, cool tones. The shadows are described as super pigmented and you can wear them without a base if you choose to! 

at the borderline kohl eyeliners

Price: $17

You can adapt these kohl pencils and use them as eye shadow. Just pick up a brush and blend or use a doe-foot applicator to draw on geometric shapes and just let them dry. Whatever you do will stay put on your skin until you decide it is time to part ways. 

interstellar highlighter toppers

Price: $22

The interstellar highlighter toppers come in 10 shades. Ariana Grande named them after most of the planets in the solar system. She wanted to create them to have range but also to create fun eye looks. These highlighter toppers are super pigmented and can be used anywhere on your face! 

on your collar matte lipsticks

Price: $19 

The lipstick’s packaging is one of my favorites in this launch. Grande describes it as, “Little space human-alien pods,” and it’s so cute. I love how you can peek through the tube and see the shade of lipstick without having to open it. The formula is a matte finish, but it is super creamy. This launch contains six shades, however, the superstar hinted that there will be more shades in the future! 

practically permanent lip stain markers

Price: $16 

This is another one of Ariana’s favorites and most worn, especially on “The Voice.” The lip stain is available in four pink and red shades. She prefers stains over lipstick or lip liner because, “[The liner] is going to be there for you.” 

on your collar plumping lip glosses and utmost importance plumping lip gloss

Price: $17 

The glosses come in nine shades and the names make me nostalgic. The names give ‘90s vibes such as scrunchies, jelly sandals and away massages. The scent for the gloss is vanilla and minty, and it’s plumping. The plump is important to Ariana because she remembers being in middle school and having lip venom on. The utmost importance of plumping gloss is a clear lipgloss and is another of Ariana’s favorites from the launch. She believed that this gloss had to be its own separate product because that’s how imperative it is for the lip. 

The bottom line is that if I could, I would buy every single item off of this launch. I wish that she released a foundation with this it, but I understand how it takes time to formulate something like that. I am hoping to purchase a lip gloss or two, a highlighter topper and the eyeliner. I look forward to her future launches! 

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