My Sustainable Fall Essentials

As the weather gets colder, I like to switch up my daily routine to incorporate some new things that are more suited for fall. While I’m still working toward reducing the waste I produce, I find it difficult to do so in my beauty and fashion routine. The beauty industry is inundated with plastic and it’s pretty difficult to find products that will work for you that are packaged or plastic-free. Luckily, I’ve been able to find some products I enjoy using within the past year that are better alternatives to my previous plastic packaged products. The list isn't perfect, but here are a few of my sustainable fall essentials.

  1. 1. Locally Made Fall Candles

    Aromatherapy is such a fun way to get into the fall spirit. Normally, I love using Thieves essential oil for the perfect fall scent to diffuse; however, I’ve recently become more aware of the environmental impact of the growing popularity of essential oils. Because of this, I’m making an effort to look for better options. Local, small businesses tend to be more environmentally conscious and support our city’s economy.

  2. 2. 7 to 3 Cleansing Tab

    This Lush cleansing tab is 100% package-free and vegan. It contains Ylang Ylang oil and gently exfoliating cannellini beans. I like it because it cleanses well without leaving my skin feeling stripped and it lasts for a long time. I like to take my eye makeup off with a cleansing oil bar, which can also be used simply as a facial oil.

  3. 3. Celestial Moisturizer

    This moisturizer from Lush is thick and perfect for sensitive skin. It contains fair trade cocoa butter and almond oil. While the packaging is plastic, Lush has a great recycling system if you bring the pot back to the store. If you prefer totally waste-free products, Lush also has moisture bars and serums.

  4. 4. Reusable Water Bottle

    This is great for every season, but it’s especially important to stay hydrated in the fall. People tend to drink less in the colder months despite the fact that it is easier to become dehydrated in the fall and winter. Drinking water will keep your skin hydrated and can prevent you from getting sick. In addition to this, drinking from a reusable bottle reduces the need for single use plastic bottles that will sit in the landfill for hundreds of years. 

  5. 5. Duet Color Stick

    On my continuous quest to find low waste beauty products, I stumbled across Duet Beauty. This small business makes natural multi-use sticks, lip scrubs and they’re expanding to lip and cheek pots and lipgloss. All of their products are hand-made, organic and cruelty-free. I love supporting small businesses with like-minded values. This blush stick is really pigmented and lasts all day. I also use it as a lipstick.

  6. 6. Thrifted Sweater

    Everyone needs a cozy sweater to keep warm in the fall. I go more into depth on the impact of fast fashion in my “Top Summer Thrifts” article, but I would highly recommend thrifting more often for the environment and your wallet. I found this sweater for under $15 at Clothes Mentor.

Learning how to become a conscious consumer is extremely important. It’s nice to have more mainstream companies like Lush to make sustainable purchases more convenient, but it’s also great to find local businesses like Duet. Kansas City is a great place to find more sustainable small businesses, so venture out and find your new favorite local business to support!