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Lunch Debate: Chipotle vs. Qdoba

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UMKC chapter.

A few weeks ago, this topic of discussion came up as some argued that Chipotle is better than Qdoba. I personally never had Chipotle up until a year or two ago because Qdoba is just what is closer to my house. While both are delicious, it’s gonna have to be Qdoba for me. 

Before even acknowledging the quality of the food, we cannot ignore the fact that both queso and guac are free of charge at Qdoba. I’m not that great at math, but that is about $4 saved just by not having to order those extra. Side note: Qdoba also has not one, but two choices for queso. That’s pretty cool, just saying. With this in mind, you are already saving money by choosing Qdoba. I will admit, without both of these extras, a Chipotle bowl is typically cheaper. But in the grand scheme of things, who wouldn’t want guac or queso added to their bowl? 

Another thing that Qdoba offers over Chipotle is more menu options. Aside from a burrito bowl or burrito, you can also make your own nachos, quesadilla or soup. Qdoba offers meal deals and a variety of different protein options. You’re probably thinking about how Chipotle now has a quesadilla. Well, Qdoba has always had quesadillas as part of its menu and, in my opinion, I prefer Qdoba’s for its taste and larger portions. Don’t take my word for it though, you should definitely try for yourself.   

A few other slightly picky things involving both places: in terms of size, it’s a bit difficult to measure due to the differences in bowl size. Of course, it does depend on if you order extra and what you add to the bowl, so I would say this is something both are ranked pretty evenly on. Now, what about the tortilla on the side? This is something I often ask for at Chipotle when ordering a burrito bowl; however, it now costs extra. Fun fact, it is still very much free at Qdoba. It only costs 25 cents at Chipotle, and it is pretty tasty, so it might actually be worth the extra charge. 

Honestly, if you put either chain in front of me, I’ll still eat it because food is food. Both are tasty and if you haven’t had one of them before, I encourage you to go try it. For me right now, I’m craving Qdoba a bit more than Chipotle. 

I am a third year student at the University of Missouri-Kansas City medical program. When I am not starting a new TV show, I enjoy looking at new recipes, taking pictures, and laughing with other people.
Haley Sakuma is a senior at University of Missouri-Kansas City studying communications with an emphasis in journalism and interpersonal communication. She is one of the Campus Correspondents for the UMKC chapter of Her Campus, and her favorite articles to write are blog-style with a personal touch of humor.