Living that Green Life

Welcome to the Living that Green Life series, where we will be giving you all the information you need to start living a more environmentally friendly life. From learning about the current state of the Earth to gaining valuable tips and tricks for lowering your carbon footprint, we are here to help. With Emily being an environmental science major and Chloe being very passionate about living an eco-friendly lifestyle, we’re ready to take on the challenge of eco-friendly living in a college setting.

To kick this series into swing and learn a little bit more about how your lifestyle is currently affecting the Earth, we challenge you to take an ecological footprint calculator, which can be found here. Through this website, you will answer different questions about your lifestyle such as diet, housing and location. After you complete this short assessment, the results will include how many Earths we would need if everyone on the planet lived like yourself as well as what your Earth overshoot day is. This assessment will also tell you which parts of your lifestyle are having more of an impact on the Earth than others.

Whether you are familiar with environmental facts and knowledge or a newcomer to the subject, this article series is here to help you gain a more in-depth perspective about how and why we should all strive for more sustainable living and lifestyle practices. We are going to be talking everything from waste management, recycling, composting, carbon footprints, poverty, economics, sustainability, climate change and global warming.