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Wow, Bachelorette Nation. What a ride that was. When writing this article, I knew I would have so much to say about what we watched this past season. With two Bachelorettes this season, it’s official; there’s double the drama and double the ick. As I reflect on the past season, here are the moments that made me cringe the most.

Chris and the too-soon Fantasy Suite

Chris’s Fantasy Suite comment was disgusting. There’s no reason to discuss sharing the room with the Bachelorettes on the second episode of the show. It reminds me of how Erich tried to turn his jealousy into a romantic trait (read further). Nevertheless, I admired that the guys confronted Chris. No one should be on a dating show where they are only thinking of the physical aspects of a relationship. However, I have to admit that seeing him be escorted out added to the entertainment drama.

Hayden’s choice comment

Okay, okay. We all remember Hayden’s infamous quote calling Gabby “rough around the edges.” However, I feel there was more than just this comment that gave me bad vibes. I couldn’t stand the way Hayden talked about women, let alone how he compared his ex’s body types to the Bachelorettes. It was hilarious when he tried to justify this comment to Gabby, claiming there’s nothing wrong since she referred to herself “as rough around the edges.” When people try to open up about their faults, that doesn’t mean you should throw them back into their faces, and that’s the exact impression Hayden gave me.

Gabby’s Group Date

Overall, this whole scene made me uncomfortable. I think the show tried to depict physical attraction and exploration with Gabby’s men, however, it was not executed effectively. First of all, it’s not everyone’s business to know how many partners you’ve had, especially on live television. Second, imagine if this were the Bachelor, and his women were being asked the same question. The internet would be outraged. Sure, the exchange could’ve tried to normalize discussing intimacy publicly, but the men looked uneasy. Not everyone is comfortable with those discussions on national television, nor should they have to be for an entertainment factor.

Logan switching sides

Logan switching Bachelorettes is probably the least icky on the list, at least for me, but I still decided to include it because most friends I talk to have strong opinions about him. Hear me out, I believe he respectfully conducted himself when asked about his situation on the “Men Tell All” episode. I don’t think it was right to switch Bachelorettes so late in the show, but when he spoke, it sounded thoughtful. Regardless, it doesn’t take away the fact that he led Rachel on. He should have spoken up sooner. So, I’ll call this one a mild ick. 

Tino’s Hometown

The Tino’s hometown episode made me cringe. I can’t forget the stern conversations his family had with Rachel and the lack of approval she received despite being personable. Understandably, Tino’s parents were looking out for him. However, Tino is his own person. If my parents were this strict when meeting someone I’d thought I’d marry, I’d be highly embarrassed. 

Even though I wanted to be Team Rachel, I found myself cringing at her responses. Tino’s dad asked what she liked about him, and her responses didn’t feel very descriptive of him. I didn’t see the “positivity” that she described just from watching Tino onscreen. I thought her response was somewhat generic, and watching Tino’s parents (sort of) be right, added the extra awkwardness needed for the drama-filled hometown.

Erich confesses jealousy

I felt just as confused as Gabby did during this scene. It’s not romantic for someone to say “I feel like you’re cheating” on a dating show. The Bachelorette is designed for dating, and there’s no reason to guilt Gabby for exploring all her relationships. Instead of trapping Gabby, it would be better for her to choose him voluntarily. If it’s meant to be, it will be. Let her do her thing.

Can we stop the engagement narrative already?

Based on the tough conversations of engagement that occurred throughout the show, it’s safe to say the engagement narrative has got to go. It’s adding too much stress to contestants. I would like to think the show could end in happy relationships and audience members would still be satisfied. I’m not sure if it’ll ever become a reality, but the finalists of the show would be different if they would have more time to develop their relationships.

While it was nice to see Tino head over heels for Rachel, Avan could’ve been the final winner if he wasn’t so nervous about engagement. For those who do like to take things slow, its removal could be a huge positive. Not to mention, isn’t it becoming a little outdated? Just me?

Post-engagement mess

Yikes. This was ugly. Both the live interview with Tino and the scene at Rachel’s house were painful to watch. I thought it was interesting how after Zach’s overnight everything “took a 180,” and he claimed that Rachel wasn’t the same person behind the camera. Similarly, Rachel’s perfect romance with Tino crashed right after engagement – or no longer being filmed. Is it too far-fetched to think Rachel is a different person behind the scenes? Either way, Tino going in circles with his cheating apology and Rachel warning him to not discuss their off-camera conversation didn’t look good for either of them.

The new bachelor… right now?

Announcing Zach as the new Bachelor took attention away from Gabby and Rachel. It was odd the number of times show host Jesse Palmer mentioned the term “Bachelorette History,” yet the spotlight was now being moved off of our main characters. The show should’ve stopped afterward and the new bachelor announcement could have been delayed. Let the Bachelorettes shine on their last episode.

I was on the edge of my seat for weeks and I’m excited for more. With the amount of attention this past season has received, I’m sure the show will continue to add small twists. Who knows what the next one will be, or what cringe-worthy scenes will have our jaws on the floor? 

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