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Every time Sunday comes around, you know that the weekend is over and that tomorrow you will be thrown into the deep end. With work, full-time schooling and a social life, being a college student can be very overwhelming. Each week comes with new challenges, stressors and events that eventually deplete our battery. Whether it is your social, mental or physical battery, Sunday is the best time to recharge for the week. Here are my top four tips for making a Sunday Reset Routine.

  1. Hydrate
  2. Do Something You Enjoy.
    • I often watch my favorite youtubers or write in my journal to get my mind off the past week. For you, baking, crocheting or drawing may be the best way for you to relax. No matter what activity, try to find time every Sunday to relax and do something you enjoy.
  3. Tidy Up Your Space.
    • My room always seems to get torn apart after having a busy week. Clothes on the floor, empty water bottles and a cluttered desk can make it hard to focus on the tasks at hand. Taking the time every Sunday to clean your area gets you into a weekly routine and sets you up for a successful week.
  4. Find a Pamper Routine.
    • I always feel most confident after my legs are freshly shaven, eyebrows are plucked, nails are painted and my skin is smooth after a facemask. After going through an entire week of school, my physical body is always exhausted and taking time to reset is just as important to me as working on my mind. Find time to implement a pamper routine that works best for you.

Taking care of yourself and resetting every weekend is important for a successful upcoming week. . Customize your own reset routine to your weekly goals and personal preferences. Remember to make it your own. Only you know what works best for you.

Hi Everybody! My name is Ciara Kane. I am a first-year at UMKC, majoring in Communication Studies and minoring in Business Administration. My hobbies include iced coffee drives, watching Youtube, and self-care.
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