Five Songs to Get You in the Fall Mood

Fall: the season of pumpkin spice lattes, caramel apples, fuzzy socks, chunky sweaters, earthy tone scarves, illuminated carved pumpkins and colorful leaves. It also marks the time when daylight starts to become shorter and the weather becomes colder. I understand that fall may not be everyone’s cup of tea but for me, this is the second most wonderful time of the year. Sometimes, I like to listen to music that reminds me of the season. I’ve compiled five songs (some old, some new and some familiar) that remind me of fall.

  1. 1. “Love on the Weekend”- John Mayer

    Listening to this song makes me imagine being snuggled up in a big fluffy blanket while sipping your favorite hot drink on an autumn crisp weekend. Although the song is about lovers, the stanza “I hate your guts ‘cause I’m loving every minute of it” can also figuratively infer that we know that each season in life is temporary and that we all must face change eventually, despite it being a positive or negative one.

  2. 2. “Weather”- Ralph

    In this song, the singer is worried that her summer fling will last through the season of fall. “When the leaves fall, will we still be together?” reminds the listener that fall is a season of change & transitions. I think this is another good song about the season because it combines the themes of summer fading and fall coming in full swing.

  3. 3. “Circles”- Post Malone

    “Seasons change and our love went cold” refers to Post feeling that the relationship with his significant other is coming to an end. However, he states in the next verse about “feed flame” which means that his significant other and him are doing their best to hang onto the romance that they have. Perhaps, the relationship could represent warmth and how the colder weather can be a hindrance for growth and improvement.

  4. 4. “The Best Day”- Taylor Swift

    Taylor originally wrote this song as a dedication to her mother. Often faced with bullying from her friends when she was younger, she expresses that she is thankful that her mother was there to keep her company. In the song, she says, “I don’t know why all the trees change in the fall.” Taylor had a vague understanding about the world when she was a little kid. However, she was not afraid because she trusted that her mother would “protect” her. 

  5. 5. “Holding On”- Nightly

    In the song, the artist sings about the memories that he had with his significant other and how he is still trying to get over his past relationship. Although it appears that his ex has gotten over him, the lyrics, “holding onto your old sweatshirt,” hints at the idea that he still has kept items that his past lover had left behind. 

A change in season calls for new music. Even if you may have heard of these songs before, I hope that you will be able to jam out to them this season.