Enjoying UMKC in the Fall

Oh, Fall! The leaves changing colors and the perfect weather makes for it to be the best season here in Kansas City. Fall has always been one of my favorite seasons and now as a college student, it has become one of the best times of the year. With so many things to do around the town with friends and family, every weekend is filled with fun. But also, in my opinion, UMKC’s campus looks the best in the fall! These are my favorite places around campus to soak up the fall air, admire our beautiful campus and de-stress while walking to classes.

  1. 1. UMKC Quad

    The Quad is where most mornings start for commuter students like me. After parking your car in the Rockhill parking garage, you walk between Royall and Haag Hall to enter the Quad. In the fall, you can go pick up a pumpkin bagel or latte from Einstein’s and take a nice little stroll to your first class. Focus on the birds chirping and the slight wind blowing through campus. Tell yourself that you are going to have a great day and make it happen! 

  2. 2. Linda Hall Library

    Even though Linda Hall Library is not truly a part of UMKC, it is one of the best places to walk through to get to your classes in the fall. The crunching of leaves under your feet as you look up at the beautiful colors the trees have turned is always a nice break to have in between classes. Even when it’s raining, Linda Hall is one of the best places to walk through. If you don’t have an umbrella, the leaves on the trees serve as a cover if they haven't fallen yet. The air will fill with that fresh rain smell, so take a deep breath and keep on walking to your next class.

  3. 3. Rockhill Parking Garage at Sunset

    Finally, end your day on a high note! The Student Union has the community garden and lounge chairs and the great view of the plaza –– BUT–– the best place to watch the sunset on campus is the top of the Rockhill parking garage. Nothing beats running up the stairs with your best friends, playing Golden Hour by Kacey Musgraves while watching the sunset over the trees and rooftops of UMKC buildings. When you see the sky turn a gorgeous pink or purple, you now know where to go for the best view. Go and experience some of the most colorful and vibrant sunsets of the year all from the place where you start your day.

UMKC has plenty of hidden treasures around campus. From the Biological Sciences Building study lounges to the Warko Observatory (open to the public on clear Friday nights on top of Royall Hall), these are just a few of my favorites! For students new and old, I hope you continue to enjoy UMKC and maybe check out a few new places around campus. Enjoy the nice fall weather while it lasts. The next stop will be winter, filled with icy roads and class cancellations!