Bye Bye Bangs: My Go-To Hairstyles

I had bangs for three years before I decided I needed a serious makeover in the hair department. Don’t get me wrong, they were definitely a look, and making the decision to grow them out was more difficult than I’d like to admit. I even conducted an Instagram poll, where just under 50% of voters told me the bangs were essential to my being and that they needed to stay.

Still, three years is a long time to rock the same hairstyle. I made the decision a month ago to grow them out, and we all know that hair grows the slowest when we’re monitoring it. I learned the hard way that the awkward stage between having bangs and not having bangs makes for some painful styling moments. Fear not, these are my three favorite hairstyles for the awkward stage of any bangs mishap and regrowth journey.

  1. 1. The Classic Headband

    Ah, yes. My absolute go-to style of the high bun or ponytail, accompanied by a wide headband (thin headbands don’t always prevent the bang hairs from peeking out). Amazon has about a million different options for headbands and bandanas that will hold the hairs back in a fashionable style.

  2. 2. Half Up, Half Down

    I don’t typically turn to this style, just because I have a very unfortunate hairline that I try to avoid exposing to the public. But for those of you with pretty hairlines, this look is extremely simple to master and effective in hiding the bangs away. For an added touch of style, trade the standard hair tie for a scrunchie. And if your bangs keep falling out of the hold, hair gel is your friend.

  3. 3. French Braid Mohawk

    This next look is for the days that you seek glamour and want to put some extra effort into getting ready. Start at the front of your hairline, and incorporate the used-to-be bang hairs into a French braid that lays on the top of your head. The braid entirely encapsulates the shorter pieces of hair. I personally like to go the extra mile and add a bandana to this look.

  4. 4. Slap a hat on

    If you don’t own a solid baseball cap, invest in one. Because as much as I would love to say that I perfect the French braid mohawk daily, that’s just not the truth. Some days (more like most days), I wake up and just know that a hat will solve every one of my ghost of bangs past woes. There’s truly nothing a hat can’t fix.

I know growing out your bangs can seemingly take forever, but it doesn’t have to be a painful experience. Take this in-between stage by the horns and use it as an excuse to try out some styles or purchase accessories you never would have without your bangs’ farewell. We will get through this situation together.