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What is the best meal of the day and why is it breakfast? No arguments allowed, it's just facts. Most of us have probably heard the saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and that’s completely right. Not only does breakfast offer a variety of delicious food, but it also provides you with energy, brainpower and helps reduce the risk of illness. Unfortunately, if you’re anything like me, the idea of breakfast is amazing until you realize you don’t have time (well you do, but who doesn’t want more sleep?) in the morning to prepare and enjoy a good meal. For me, breakfast/brunch is more than just good food — it marks a mini celebration. This might sound silly considering that breakfast is something that one can and should have every day, but in my household breakfast food is nonexistent (outside of cereal and toast). Coming from a Mexican household, our  

Desayuno is usually something light like tamales, galletas or pan dulce followed by tea or coffee. Next, is the almuerzo, which is intended to be a heavier breakfast/brunch in Mexican culture but would parallel a normal breakfast. With work and school schedules and Americanization, my family usually practices the standard three meals a day, with el almuerzo being left out, meaning that pancakes or a “real breakfast” are a rare occasion in my family.

Because of this, I’ve started associating breakfast and brunch as something special and something I always look forward to. I hate waking up early but there’s something about starting off my day by eating great food with my family and friends that always makes it a happy event. Furthermore, you know I love you if I suggest a breakfast/brunch hangout because that means my love for you is big enough for me to sacrifice my sleep and morning routine. 

With that being said, this love letter for breakfast and brunch wouldn’t be complete without naming some of my favorite to-go spots in Kansas City. 

Chez Elle

Since I was a kid, I’ve always been fascinated with anything French-related and that sentiment only fueled more after a decade of studying the French language. If you want to pretend that you’re in a Parisian café whilst eating savory or sweet crêpes, drop by Chez Elle. Located in the Westside, this crêpe and coffee house offers gluten-free and vegan options while being eco-friendly with their products. You can sit inside and listen to Edith Piaf or take a seat outside on their lovely balcony.

First Watch

I just feel like this is a classic because who hasn’t been to First Watch? There are quite a few locations scattered across the KC Metro area making it very accessible. The food is fresh, looks healthy and just straight-up good. Their juices are so aesthetically pleasing to look at and just as great to drink. My go-to plate here is their Sunrise Granola Bowl usually paired with a fresh-baked muffin and fruit. You’d think that wouldn’t be enough to fill you up, but surprisingly it does the trick.

Eggtc (South Plaza location)

We are most certainly not close if you don’t know that Eggtc is my favorite breakfast place of all time. For the longest, I had heard of this place but it wasn’t until I transferred to UMKC that I finally tried it out. Pronounced as “etc.”, (not “egg-t-c” or “egg-tascy”) it instantly became my favorite place. It was at a short distance from UMKC, walkable even, which made it the perfect place to go right before or in between classes. It actually became my friend’s and I traditional first-day-of-school meet-up. Their breakfast potatoes are literally unmatched, ask anyone. I’ve tasted their biscuits and gravy, waffles, french toast — which are all tasty — but I always run back to the quiche. Although my craving for quiche makes me stop by, another reason I love this place is the friendly atmosphere. The staff’s energy is one of a kind. I’ve literally tripped, ran into a table and even spilled a drink (I’m the literal definition of a mess), yet I’ve always been met with a friendly smile that makes me feel right at home. By now, my order is ingrained in the heads of the servers and there is nothing I love more. 

So here you have it folks, my love letter to breakfast and all its greatness. Don’t be like me — eat breakfast every day, but every now and then, appreciate the beauty of being able to wake up surrounded by your loved ones and good food. 

Currently a senior at UMKC studying Communications/Journalism & Political Science with minors in International Studies and Criminal Justice, Daisy looks forward to working in urban policy and nonprofits to help her local community. She enjoys learning new languages, visiting local shops and restaurants, and having picnics with her friends.
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