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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UMKC chapter.

It’s never too early to start preparing for finals and perfecting your GPA before the semester ends. There are plenty of places to study around KC, but why not stay on campus after class and get all your homework done? These are some scenic study spots on UMKC’s campus where you can focus and study hard for finals!

The School of Biological Sciences

Despite having a significant number of Biology majors at UMKC, the School of Biological Sciences is incredibly quiet. The walkways have the best chairs that overlook campus, so you can watch the rest of the leaves fall off the trees and maybe even some snow fall from the sky (considering Missouri’s weather history, anything could happen). It is one of the best places to go if you want to finish all of your homework before Thanksgiving Break.

The School of Nursing & Health Sciences

The tall tables on the third floor are perfect for you and your study buddy to get your anatomy lab done before class, all while enjoying the view of the Health Sciences District. They also have Starbucks in the cafe on the first floor and an excellent salad bar. Stay energized and get your work done!

The Student Union

Pick up some lunch and find a spot by the windows on the top floor of the Student Union. It’s not always the quietest, so make sure you pack your headphones. This is a great spot if you are just looking for a study break. Pop in those headphones and watch an episode (or two) of your current Netflix pick. Your brain needs a break sometimes.

Miller Nichols Library and Learning Center

If you are lucky enough to find a table on the first floor of Miller Nichols, you can study with a group! If you aren’t so lucky, head up to the fourth floor and enjoy the silence. The chairs that face the Nelson-Atkins are always a good choice. Turn on your study playlist and hone in on your studies. You’ve got this!

Try exploring other parts of campus to find your ideal study spot! Though it’s small, UMKC’s campus holds many hidden study spots. Share them with your friends… or don’t. Remember to grab a bagel and coffee on your way to your spot (because bagels make everything better), work hard to keep your GPA up and end the semester on a high note, collegiates!


Amira is currently a senior at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. She is always smiling with a kombucha in her hand & blasting her multiple Céline Dion CD's in her car because duh, the radio can't beat Céline Dion. On any given day she will gladly talk your ear off about Grey's Anatomy, stronger background checks for gun purchases and why immigrants are some of the most important members of our society.
Krit graduated with English and Chemistry degrees from UMKC. As the President and founder of UMKC’s chapter, she hopes HC UMKC will continue to create content that inspires students. Some of her favorite things include coffee and writing.