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Welcome to part two of my series exploring different coffee shops to study at in Kansas City. Truthfully, this past semester has been rough, and I find myself studying only outside of my apartment, which has led to me finding new coffee shops to study at! 

I just wanted to give a quick refresh on what I grade coffee shops.

Ria’s Criteria: 

1. Bathrooms 

I hope this is a universal experience. Whenever I drink coffee, I have to use the restroom more often than usual. So, I always go back to the ones that have accessible and clean bathrooms. 

2. Hours of Operation:

Once I get into the zone, I can continue to study until closing. Therefore, I tend to gravitate to coffee shops that close later in the day rather than the late afternoon. 

3. How good is their coffee?: 

To me, buying an iced lavender latte is the biggest treat I can give myself. Additionally, if I am paying almost $7 for a latte and tip, it better be good and enjoyable. 

4. How loud the music is:

I never leave my apartment without my noise-canceling headphones, however, there are a few coffee shops I have been to where I can still hear the music even with them on. Sometimes the dull roar of it is weirdly calming, but sometimes if it is too loud, the music is distracting. 

5. Seating Availability:

I already have really bad posture, and sometimes some of the chairs in a coffee shop exacerbate my bad posture. So, I like to find chairs where I can somewhat maintain a good posture when studying. Additionally, I like to move around every few hours at a coffee shop, and it is nice to find other empty seats. Outlet availability is also a must!

6. Parking Situation: 

As someone who did not have to learn how to parallel park to earn her license, I am very bad at street parking. Therefore, I appreciate parking lots and street parking spots where I know there is enough room to park my car in. Additionally, living in Kansas City means it is hard to find free parking. 

KC Coffee Shops: 


Bathrooms: 3/5

Hours of Operation: 3.5/5  

Coffee: 4/5

Music: 5/5

Seating Availability: 3.5/5

Parking Situation: 4/5

Favorite Drink to Order: Alani Orange Blossom Latte 

General Comments: HITIDES is my favorite go-to when it is cold and dreary outside. The cafe has a Hawaiian theme that makes me feel like I am somewhere warm. The staff is all so friendly and there are a variety of drinks to try, even if you are not a coffee drinker. They also offer Meshuggah bagels and Donutology donuts. The parking situation is alright as they do have a parking lot, however, it is shared with other businesses close by, so it is hard to find parking there. Additionally, there is a lot of seating inside the cafe, however, some of the chairs are way lower and deeper than the table so it is hard to work on my laptop. They are open till 6 p.m. on most days which means I usually go visit them before my evening classes. 


Bathrooms: 5/5

Hours of Operation: 5/5

Coffee: 3.5/5

Music: 5/5

Seating Availability: 4.5/5

Parking Situation: 4/5

Favorite Drink to Order: Iced Honey Lavender Latte 

General Comments: Front Range Coffee has been my new favorite coffee shop to study at after my evening classes. They are usually open till 10 p.m. and they have plenty of seats and outlet availability. One reason I keep going back to study there includes their variety of pastries; they offer both regular and gluten free pastries. I am a big fan of their gluten-free chocolate chip cookie sandwich. The coffee shop is separated between the bigger common area and then an area in the back by the bar; which means it never gets too loud to study. The parking situation is a little iffy in the sense that they have parking spots in front of the cafe or else you have to park a little further from the coffee shop. Overall, I enjoy spending time to study here with my friends because of the large tables and warm environment.


Bathrooms: 3.5/5

Hours of Operation: 5/5

Coffee: 4/5

Music: 3.5/5

Seating Availability: 4/5

Parking Situation: 5/5

Favorite Drink to Order: Iced Cereal Milk Latte 

General Comments: I guess Outta The Blue is not necessarily in Kansas City, however, it is at a drivable distance in Leawood, Kansas. I love visiting this cafe when I know I have a full day of studying ahead of me as they are open until 11 p.m. on the weekends. Outta The Blue is also beach themed and the memorable aspect of the coffee shop is the swings as seats at some of the tables. You may think that the swings would be terrible for your back. However, my honest opinion is it helps me stay focused and not fidget with something else. As the cafe is out of the city, there is a free parking garage in Park Place to park in, so you will never be searching for parking. Additionally, the cafe is located in the middle of Park Place which makes it nice to take outside strolls during my study breaks. The music is a little loud to the point that I can hear it when I have my noise canceling headphones on, however, it is not bothersome. Overall, I would suggest trying their cereal milk latte during the weekends and having a great time people watching out of their big windows.  


Bathrooms: 4/5

Hours of Operation: 3/5  

Coffee: 5/5 

Music: 4/5 

Seating Availability: 3/5

Parking Situation: 3/5

Favorite Drink to Order: Iced Bourbon Vanilla Latte 

General Comments: The new Oddly Correct that opened on Troost is adorable. From the outside, it is a small cottage-like building that is painted entirely black. The environment of the coffee shop inside is warm and refreshing with natural light and plants scattered everywhere. A plus point for Oddly Correct includes its sustainability. They serve all their drinks in glass jars and you can even take one home to bring back on your next visit. The space is very small, however, that means that it does not get loud. Additionally, there are two spaces to sit at, one more for socializing while the other is more hidden away for studying. Their Iced Bourbon Vanilla Latte is to die for and they also have so many yummy pastries. Parking is a little questionable as they do have a parking lot, but a very small one. So, you end up street parking. Additionally, their hours are a little limiting compared to the other shops as they close at 5pm on weekdays and 3pm on weekends. Overall, I need to visit this coffee shop more often because their coffee tastes really good! 

Final Ranking: 

  1. Front Range
  2. Outta the Blue 
  3. HITIDES Coffee
  4. Oddly Correct

The final verdict this time around:Front Range coffee. Regardless of the ranking, please note that I visit the coffee shops mentioned above often. Additionally, I am always exploring for new study spots for a change of scenery, so stay tuned for the next segment of this series. Each shop mentioned is worthy to spend some time studying or meeting up with someone. Just remember to pack your device chargers. 

Ria Dave

UMKC '26

Ria is a 4th yr BA/MD (MS2) medical student at the University of Missouri - Kansas City School of Medicine. She is currently one of the Campus Co-Correspondents for Her Campus at UMKC. When she is not writing for Her Campus, you can find her visiting new coffee shops, online window shopping, and collecting vinyl records. She finds comfort in rewatching Legally Blonde, watching k-dramas and painting her nails.