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On March 17 and 18, in Glendale, Arizona (temporarily renamed “Swift City”), Taylor Swift opened her Eras Tour.   While kicking off the tour, she surprised fans by releasing four songs on streaming platforms. This included the “Taylor’s Version” of “Safe and Sound,” “Eyes Open,” and “If This Was a Movie.” Fans were also excited to hear an unreleased, Lover-era song, “All The Girls You Loved Before,” which had been leaked on TikTok before the release and had been an instant hit. 

Here are my thoughts on each song: 

Safe and Sound” (Taylor’s Version)

I don’t know about you, but there has been a resurgence of Hunger Games content on my Tik Tok For You page recently. In my freshman year of High School, my Peeta Mellark-obsessed self started to emerge again. So when I heard this song, I was super excited as the song was originally released as part of The Hunger Games soundtrack alongside “Eyes Open.” 

“Safe and Sound (Taylor’s Version)” gives us everything the original does, with updated and clearer vocals, the angst, the sadness and the melancholic feeling that engulfs you as you listen to it—it’s all still there. “Safe and Sound” walked so Folklore could run, and I will forever and always be grateful for that. 

Eyes Open” (Taylor’s Version)

“Eyes Open” was the first of the four songs I listened to and it was a pleasant surprise. While the original was honestly somewhat forgettable, the new version was instantly added to my playlist. When the beat kicked in, I was smiling like crazy. She sounds great and the updated sound works so well. A song that was originally kind of drab is now a powerful, upbeat tune. 

“If This Was A Movie” (Taylor’s Version)

This song is probably my least favorite of the “new” songs. This “Taylor’s Version” song originally appeared as a deluxe track on Speak Now. It’s not a bad song by any means and she sounds great, however, it just isn’t her best work. Also, when Taylor sings “Come back, come back, come back to me like,” I will forever hear “Eli” at the end, and for some reason that has always bothered me.

“All The Girls You Loved Before” 

I listened to this song last, and it was safe to say I saved the best for last. This song blew me away. The bridge made my jaw drop, not to mention how amazing she sounds. The message of the song is also beautiful: honoring all the women in your partner’s life that have come before you. Like always, Taylor paints a story that draws you in and begs you to relate it to your own life. 

If you haven’t checked these songs out, give them a listen. Hopefully, the start of the Era’s Tour means more songs to come! With every “Taylor’s Version” Song, Swift is one step closer to owning her masters. And with every “From the Vault” song, fans are that much happier. 

Emma is majoring in English at the University of Missouri Kansas City. She plans on graduating Spring of 2024. In her free time she enjoys reading, baking, and thrifting for books.