5 Reasons You Should Watch Netflix’s ‘Sex Education’

One of Netflix’s latest series (released January 11, 2019), “Sex Education”, is an unapologetically awkward yet heartfelt teen comedy. The show tells the story of Otis Milburn (Asa Butterfield), whose mother Jean (Gillian Anderson) runs a sex therapy practice in their English countryside home. While Jean has attempted to create an open, sex-positive environment for Otis, he is rather uncomfortable with the subject. Along with his school’s resident black sheep, Maeve (Emma Mackey), Otis starts his own sex therapy clinic, aiming to serve his uneducated peers with advice on their budding relationships and bodily concerns.

Here are 5 reasons why you should binge the show on your next free Saturday:

1. Eric

Eric Effoing (Ncuti Gatwa) is Otis’s lifelong best friend. The two are outsiders at their high school but are both unphased by this status. The son of African immigrants, Eric is openly gay but hesitant to express himself comfortably around his family. His electric personality and scene-stealing humor are an essential part of the show’s endearing and believable honesty.

2. The soundtrack

Featuring artists such as Billy Idol, Violent Femmes and The Smiths, Sex Education’s soundtrack is comprised of a variety of 80’s and 90’s hits. It’s assumed that this is due to Otis’s personal music taste (as portrayed by his extensive vinyl collection). These songs lend a shimmery nostalgia to the show, as well as providing instances of downright ironic humor. Episode One strategically places Idol’s “Dancing with Myself” during a scene discussing masturbation.

3. Queer Representation

The topic of sex is obviously central to the show, and that is not limited to heterosexual relationships. Queer characters are not treated as gimmicks or punchlines in the show, and are a developed aspect of the storyline. Subplots devoted to queer characters illustrate realities of being LGBTQ+, including harsher ones such as hate crimes and homophobic cultural attitudes.

4. Costume Design

If you’re into streetwear and throwback outfits, ‘Sex Education’ is definitely for you. Each character has a fully-developed style, with fun and colorful ensemble changes multiple times each episode. The clothing never feels quite contemporary, even though the setting is most likely present-day (indicated by the use of modern cell phones).  In conjunction with the soundtrack, the costuming creates a delightfully surreal atmosphere for the viewer.

5. Season Two is confirmed!

After watching and falling in love with the freshman season of a show, it’s devastating to learn there isn’t going to be continuation (hello, “Freaks and Geeks”!). However, there's nothing to fear here, as Season Two of Sex Education has already been confirmed. With production beginning in the spring, it is most likely the next season will be available early 2020.