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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UMKC chapter.

Whether you’re an incoming freshman or just starting your senior year at UMKC, there are so many things to see and experience around Kansas City! One of the easiest ways to make your new home seem more familiar is to get to know it and all that it has to offer. Even if you aren’t new to Kansas City, there are likely things you just haven’t gotten the chance to see yet. Come along and find out what you’ve been missing out on!

The Liberty memorial

I know this one isn’t too unique, but it is a classic that everyone should experience at least once during their time in Kansas City. The memorial has arguably one of the best views of downtown Kansas City, whether you decide to take the tour and go up into the tower or not. It’s more than just a view. Many people enjoy picnics, concerts and even ultimate frisbee on the lawn of the liberty memorial. So grab your friends and plan an activity on the lawn, where you can enjoy the ultimate view of Kansas City!

Heritage Park Sunflower Field

Many KC natives have seen these fields all over social media, but few are willing to disclose the location. Heritage Park has many amenities, but their staple is the field of blooming sunflowers every few weeks around Labor Day. The view is stunning and unlike any other flower field in KC. Snap some stunning pictures in these fields during the height of their bloom!

The West Bottoms

Where do I even begin? The West Bottoms is located West of downtown KC and is a collection of mid-20th-century buildings that now serve as antique shops, haunted houses and even restaurants and bars. I recommend going during the first weekend of each month; this is when the antique stores are open to their full capacity. Food trucks are also present during this time. If you’re looking for spooky activities during the Halloween season, the West Bottoms features some of the most extravagant haunted houses around KC, such as Edge of Hell and The Beast.

Made in KC in the River Market 

Made in KC is a local brand that features upwards of 200 local artists’ designs on their products. They have over 10 locations now, but I do recommend visiting the one in the River Market. It may not be the largest, but it has the most history, since this store is inside a renovated, 80-year-old streetcar. This cool, vintage spot offers drinks, food and tons of KC branded gear.


Mildred’s is a little café located in the heart of downtown KC, featuring a variety of baked goods made from scratch, specialty coffee and an espresso bar. What they’re truly known for is their breakfast sandwich. It is arguably the best in the city, but they also feature plenty of other food options such as salads, soups and other sandwiches. With so many options, you’re bound to find something you love!

I must say, there are many more hidden gems around KC just waiting to be experienced, but these are at the top of my list. Honorable mentions include Meshuggah Bagels, YaYa’s Alpaca farm, KC Pretzel Boy’s, Heirloom Bakery & Hearth, Afterword Tavern & Shelves and Pawn & Pint. There are countless KC spots to visit, so you better get a move on!

Maya is a 5th Year Medical Student at UMKC. Even though she is working towards a very STEM orientated major, Maya enjoys using writing as a creative outlet. When Maya isn't studying, she enjoys writing (duh), soccer, music, and shopping.