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Like many of you, I am a big fan of jewelry. I am also an artistic person, so I love making crafts or just doing simple paintings or drawings. It is a big stress reliever for me and also results in a beautiful product at the end. A couple of years ago, I started making jewelry and it has been a fun experience as it costs less to make them than to buy them. Here are some of my favorite DIY jewelry projects if you are looking for a new craft to try! 


Ear Cuffs

This is my favorite DIY project because it is so easy to make and looks cool too! I made my first ear cuff a couple of years ago and I still wear it to fancy events. You do need a couple of jewelry-making materials, but this is a more simple project that does not require welding of any sort. You just need a wire, wire cutter and pliers. The article linked is a really good example of a DIY ear cuff and you can make simpler designs as well. The ear cuffs can go anywhere around your ear too with the addition of little dangles and charms if you wish to spice things up!

Thread anklets/bracelets

I have been making thread bracelets/anklets for a long time and frankly still love making them even to this day! Once you start learning the patterns and how the knots work, it is very easy to make any kind of bracelets in various designs. You can even add lettering to your bracelets and write out names. This website is my favorite one because there are so many patterns to choose from. It also makes it easy to understand the knots by having diagrams that you can read to make the bracelets. I have made my bracelets more professional by adding a metal finish and some charms. You can also just tie up the thread to put on the bracelet.


DIY rings can be made with charms or jewels as well, similar to the DIY ear cuffs. One of my favorite rings that I have ever made is one that has a simple silver wire and a white bracelet bead. I usually make rings that do not need to be welded by just wrapping the wires around each other. This website is one that has rings that are made with beads and wire. Making your own rings allows you to add your own flair to your jewelry style and it is cheaper than buying rings!

Making your own jewelry is a wonderful way to show off your arts and crafts through your jewelry. It is a cheaper and more fun option than buying jewelry, and it also makes a really thoughtful gift to give. Making your own jewelry also allows you to choose the style and design to fit your tastes!

Hi! My name is Shreevarsha and I am currently a third year in the 6 year B.A./M.D. program at UMKC! My hobbies include doing art and reading!
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