5 Reasons To Love October

October has finally arrived! Only two more months until Christmas! I’m joking, I’m not one of those people… Here are 5 things that make the month of October one the best months!

  1. The leaves. I don’t think there’s anything more stunning than the golden, crispy leaves that have fallen from the trees. It makes the walk to college just that bit easier! (The only bad thing about the leaves is how slippy they get after rain, so be aware of that!)

2. The cool, fresh air. It’s so nice to get out for a walk, especially if you’re stressed with mid-terms coming up and assignments due! Walking has so many benefits for your physical health and your mental health! It improves self-esteem, mood and sleep quality, and it reduces stress, anxiety and tiredness so maybe a good walk is all you need to clear your head in preparation for sitting down and studying for long hours at a time, or even to relax your mind after staring at your laptop screen for too long.

3. Reading a good book. There’s nothing more cosy than sitting by the fire when it’s chilly outside, snuggled up in your dressing gown with a mug of hot chocolate and reading a good book. My personal favorite is Harry Potter, I never get tired of reading those books! But there’s millions of books out there to choose from and if you don’t have the money to buy a book, go to your local library! (If you want you can also read somethings online, but I don’t think it gives you the same satisfaction as turning an actual page).

4. Halloween. I love Halloween! I love the dressing up , the apple bobbing, the decorations and the pumpkin carving and everything about it to be honest. It’s such a fun time of year with classic movies such as Hocus Pocus and timeless songs like Thriller on repeat. If you haven’t decided what you want to dress up as yet, I recommend you start looking now!


5. The accessories. Gone are the crop tops and flip-flops, time to welcome the stylish boots and jackets. You can dress up those boots and jackets with woolly hats, matching gloves and scarves! Practical and pretty!