Is Winter Finally Over?

Winter seems to have finally flown the coop here in the bluegrass and spring has come to comfort us, even though it is late.


The last day of April in this area of Kentucky had a high around 72 degrees and blue skies like we would expect during finals week. It is a littler milder than last year at the same time. This same day last year saw temperatures up to 84 degrees, according to Weather Underground.


Winter has lasted longer than expected this year. According to coverage from WKYT from November, Chris Bailey had reported he expected the winter to be worse than the prior 2016 season.


"We will have huge temperature swings, with the coldest temperatures likely in the first half of winter. The second half may turn much milder," said Bailey.


He was partly correct, but for the majority we did not see a steady course of milder temperatures begin after the first half had ended.


We had days ranging from mild weather in the month of February right into snow days in April. Rain has been a factor in this winter season as well that caused flooding in some cases.


The first day of March met us with temperatures in the low 50s at best and the average ended up around 60 degrees, according to Weather Underground. The snow amounted to about one inch through the month of April with March having been around a total of 8 inches overall.


The seasons seem to have merged all into one after Christmas passed, and birthed one of the best memes created to describe Kentucky weather. It shows a woman bent over with a jacket and sunglasses checking to see what season the day is bringing with it.


For the average Kentuckian, this is not something out of the ordinary.


We are known for having every season and sometimes a special day of one season in the middle of another, like a winter freeze in August. It cannot be said that Kentucky is the destination for those who prefer a one-minded climate, but it can be enjoyable for those who enjoy the changes and frequent opportunities to rock a wardrobe.


However, as much as we love our seasons here and hate to see each go, it is with a warm heart winter is allowed to leave the stage.