Why "This Is Us" is the Best TV Show Out Right Now

If you have not fallen into the craze of This Is Us, you are truly missing out.

Here is a basic summary of the cast:


Jack and Rebecca

Jack and Rebecca Pearson are two of the main characters in the show. Jack is known as the wise one who always has the best advice, picks you up when you are down and surprises you when you least expect it. Rebecca, Jack’s wife, is always swept away between balancing their three children and going on with her everyday life.


Kevin, Kate and Randall

Otherwise known as “The Big Three,” Kevin, Kate and Randall all have their own difficult experiences they must overcome throughout the show. Kevin has difficulty with acting and alcoholism, Kate has difficulty with her appearance and maintaining a healthy weight and Randall has difficulty with overwhelming himself to the point of blackouts and panic attacks.


Toby and Beth

Toby is the relentless, loving boyfriend, and eventually the husband, of Kate. He shows Kate unconditional love for exactly who she is and never asks for more. Beth is the exact same way towards her husband, Randall. Beth starts out the show as the homemaker, but eventually switches roles with Randall to ease him of stress from his overly-demanding job.


Throughout the episodes, you see a new light to every character as they attempt to overcome some sort of boundary, whether it be alcoholism, weight, finding their biological parents or death.


This Is Us is raw in the sense that it portrays real human emotion and experiences to things that people deal with every day, so it can be nearly relatable to everyone.


This Is Us has made me laugh, cry, angry and happy all in one episode, something I never thought was possible from a one-hour weekly TV episode.

Jump on the This Is Us train, you will not regret it!


Body Photo by Ron Batzdorff from NBC