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Why I Took a Self Defense Class

“Prevention is better than cure.” That is the statement my mom always used to to get me to take flu shots. Would you rather get one shot right now and not get sick, or get sick then get a lot of shots? I was a smart kid and always went with the one. Sadly, I did get sick once or twice after getting a shot. I think of self defense with the same mindset.


The possibility of being in a situation where I would have to defend myself are pretty slim, maybe less than five percent. However, with the beauty that is paranoia, five percent feels a lot like 50 percent. So, when I heard about UK’s STARR program I was beyond excited because I did not have to pay to learn how to defend myself.


STARR (Self Defense Tactics and Risk Reduction) is a free, three day self defense course taught by UKPD, and open to anyone. The class is amazing, the officers are so nice and there is a lot of sweating. Ten out of ten recommend. The best part of the course is definitely “Fight Night.” Each person goes through a personal possible scenario and you have to figure out the best way to handle it. Basically, you get to hit the sh*t out of a cop for about five minutes and it feels very liberating.


I definitely advise anyone to take a self defense class either at UK or anywhere else. You gain knowledge that can never be lost and could be a game changer in the future.

Abby Olaleye is a junior at the University of Kentucky. I'm currently majoring in Biosystems Engineering with a minor in Biomedical Engineering. I'm a writer for HerCampus because writing is fun and a better way to procastinate. 
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