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“I love who I am.”


That is a statement I have not been able to confidently say for a long time. It is not because I hated myself or who I was as a person. I just did not not love myself. I never believed that I was actually good enough. I constantly always compared myself to those around me. How she was prettier, he was smarter or some sh*t like that.


College has helped me to develop a beautiful, “Don’t give a f*ck attitude” to all of this. I recently realized that I am not the only one who feels this way. A lot of people do!


If I’m looking at a girl who I think is prettier and she is looking at another who she thinks is prettier and then she is looking at another and another and so on, when does it end? What becomes the standard for smart, pretty, bold etc. We would all just live in a world of trying to be better than everyone else and not actually being our true selves anymore.


That world would suck.


That is why I love myself.


If I don’t who would?


The love of my life who is currently “in love” with someone else? Please.


Right now there is just me to love me for who I am. People come and go out of our lives all the time. Most times it is hard to tell hard to tell who is here to stay for the long run, so why depend on their love.


I love myself because I am never going to leave me. I’m always going to be with me. I’m stuck with me no matter what I do. Why not make the most of the ride? You know.


Love yourself for who you are. We all have our faults, scars, pain that we deal with but no one can be a better version of you than you are. So why not be the best version of you and have the most f*cking fun.



Abby Olaleye is a junior at the University of Kentucky. I'm currently majoring in Biosystems Engineering with a minor in Biomedical Engineering. I'm a writer for HerCampus because writing is fun and a better way to procastinate. 
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