What Manifestation Meant For Me This School Year and Beyond

Going through what most of us call the “Sophomore Slump," this school year, I’ve learned more about myself and my power as a young woman trying to conquer the world more than ever. Many times I found myself questioning my judgement, working myself too hard, not enjoying the best moments of college, and my worst enemy, being too hard on myself. While I was able to do it all and juggle a million different obligations in my life I found myself suffering in my personal and educational life and even questioning, did I truly accomplish anything? And even questioning this by being able to maintain a new job, more leadership opportunities and even getting good grades (even though I beat myself up for making a 3.0 for the semester).


Being someone who is creative, adventurous, and has so many avenues she wants to explore in life, I found myself drained, losing my creativity, and even losing my passion for what my purpose truly is. However, it took talks with my parents, friends, a counselor and even myself (talking to yourself is essential!) to realize I needed to open my notebook where I listed my goals for my sophomore year. And come to find out? I manifested every goal I had on my list. While I do believe everyone should keep their goals close to their heart and protect them, being able to say I accomplished my goal of joining Her Campus, becoming a Public Relations Director and being able to interview with the strategic communications firm I’ve wanted to intern with since second semester freshman year, I knew everything that was in my path that was written by me was MEANT FOR ME.


One thing I’ve learned through this whole school year is that I have the power to accomplish anything that is meant for me. And anyone reading this, you do too. I’ve also learned to not fight for anything that doesn’t serve me positively. This applies to anyone, job, situation, ANYTHING. The only way to manifest what you want in this world is to have people, situations, and a mindset that not only encourages you to do better, but BE BETTER.


As I get older, I’ve learned to go with my first mind, trust my intuition and know whatever is meant for me is meant for me. While it did take 9 months for me to realize this and process it, better late than never. I challenge you the reader to examine how far you’ve come in a year. Even if it’s only one goal you’ve accomplish that you wanted, that means you manifested what’s meant for you and it doesn’t mean the rest of your goals will never come true. Believe in yourself and feed your mind, body, and soul with things that you can smile about and feed a fire in you that only helps you move mountains.