What It’s Like Living in a Sorority House

This past semester, I made the decision to live in my sorority house on UK’s campus. I joined a sorority my sophomore year, and because I was living off campus, I found it difficult to make friends within my sorority. So, I thought the best way to get the most out of Greek Life was to fully immerse myself in it. And, I did. I spent the entire fall semester living in my sorority house with about 50 of my sisters. And, it has been the best semester of my life.


You’re Never Alone

Being in a house with 50 girls means that you never get alone time. Honestly, this was my biggest worry, as I tend to need time to myself. Or, so I thought. Turns out, I feel best when I’m surrounded by people. Being in a house where someone is always there to greet me brings out the best energy in me. I have socialized with so many new people and made more friends because of it, and I honestly don’t ever find myself wanting to be alone. 


There’s Always Something To Do

Because there are always people in the house, you will never get bored. Someone is always going somewhere and you’re more than welcome to join, whether it’s going out to eat, shopping at the mall, making a grocery store run, or just heading to the library. You will never find yourself chilling in bed watching the same Netflix show for the hundredth time. And, if you are, chances are your three other roommates are watching with you.


Sharing is Caring – And Inevitable 

I went into this semester with the assumption that I’d have to share some things, like my desk drawers or the shelves or a pair of shoes. But, I didn’t expect to be sharing lip gloss and deodorant and every single item of clothing I own. Luckily, I don’t mind at all, and neither do my roommates. I’m sure we’ve all mixed up some items and will end up going home with each other bras or something, but it’s so worth it. You have quadruple the number of outfits and makeup and perfume scents, and if you’re ever bored of something you own, odds are your roommate has something cooler to replace it.


Expect to Go Out All the Time 

There have been multiple occasions where I tell myself I’m staying in on a typical college night out, but somehow end up going out anyway. You can try to stay in (I’ve only done this once), but then you’ll be watching everyone else get ready—doing their makeup, listening to music, and trying on ten different outfits before going back to the first one—and end up having major FOMO. So, you decide it’s much better to skip all the debate and just go out with them. And do it again the next night. And the next. But, hey, you’re making memories and that’s what college is about, right?


You Meet Your Lifelong Friends

As cliché as this is, it’s true. I had friends in my sorority before I moved into the house, but not like I do now. My roommates (all were random, btw) became my best friends. We all clicked so well and got along immediately, and now I can’t imagine college without them. It’s hard to believe that I’ve only known these girls for a few months, because it feels like we’ve been sisters our whole life (cliché again, I know). I almost even cancelled my plans to go abroad next semester to spend more time with them, because that’s how much fun I’m having. (I didn’t, though—I am super excited to study abroad and will just be living with my besties next year!)



Being in the sorority house has totally changed my college experience, for the better. I now have people I look forward to coming home to, people who leave me sweet notes after a tough day of classes, people who stay at the library with me until 2 am just so I won’t have to walk home alone, and people who are there for the fun and laughs and much as they are for the blood, sweat, and tears. Yes, there are a few sacrifices you’ll have to make living in a sorority house, but to me, it doesn’t even compare to the amazing positive things you get out of it. If you are questioning living in your house, I highly encourage you to do it. Never again in your life will you be able to live with four dozen girls who share the same interests as you and experience what it’s like to be part of a true sisterhood. I am forever grateful to my sorority sisters (and my parents) for blessing me with the best semester and giving me something good to wake up to every day.