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What Does Your Outfit Say About You?

Have you ever given any thought to the outfit you wear to class? The way you dress can tell other students a lot about you, whether your realize it or not!

Personally, I’ve seen lots of different outfits girls wear on campus every day, but below are the most common looks I’ve seen here at the University of Kentucky!

  • The “I Woke Up Like Dis, #Flawless” Look. First things first—everyone knows you didn’t actually wake up looking like you just got out of hair and makeup for a magazine: your hair is styled, makeup’s a ten and your outfit is on fleek. Props to anyone who takes the time to actually look this good everyday for class. But, just know that the rest of us OOTD slackers low-key hate you.
  • The “I Actually Woke Up Like This, So Don’t Judge Me” Look. I also like to call this the “I Slept Through All My Alarms And Barely Made It To Class” look. This look consists of crazy hair (as if it got in a fight with a bird—and the bird won), lovely dark makeup streaks under your eyes (giving you that smoldering raccoon look you were obviously going for) and rumpled clothes (probably what you rolled out of bed wearing). Yes, you love to show off those pajama bottoms or sweatpants; after all, they were just way too comfy to change out of for class. Don’t worry, we all understand.
  • The “I’m Motivated In Class And In The Gym” Look. You look more awake than the rest of UK students, because you’ve probably worked out before class or are planning to go to the gym afterward. Your outfit is athletic everything, whether it’s Adidas or Under Armor, and you’ve always got a bounce in your step when walking around campus. Ignore the glares you get from others not as enthused as you; they just can’t keep up—literally. You’re running to each class.
  • The “Hipster AF” Look. You’ve got your beanie hat, which looks like it’s going to slide off your head at any minute (but, miraculously, never actually does), your glasses that you may or may not actually need, flannel shirt, leggings or skinny jeans, and combat boots or moccasins. You always look good and if someone doesn’t like your outfit, you could care less, because haters gonna hate.
  • The “Everyday College Girl” Look. This is the one I’ve seen the most walking around UK’s campus and I, too, am guilty of this attire. I also call this one the “Comfy And Casual” look: a comfortable T-shirt or tank top, Norts (Nike short) or leggings and sneakers. This is an easy outfit to wear to class and you can still look cute and [somewhat] put-together.

As you can see, there are a ton of different wardrobes here on campus.

You girls who dress to the nines for class may get a few glares, and you girls who enjoy showing off your bedhead may receive some judging glances, but don’t worry—you just keep staying true to yourself and dressing the way you like, regardless of what anyone else might think.


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