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What to do When You Have Procrastinated

No matter how many times we feel the anxiety that follows procrastination, we keep doing it. Since none of us can seem to learn, it seems most sensible to have a game plan for when we procrastinate again.


  • Step 1: Cry and Swear You Will Never Procrastinate Again

Go ahead, give yourself a solid 10 to 15 minutes of sobbing and praying. Think about all that is wrong with your life and contemplate dropping out of college and hitchhiking to Colorado. Maybe even play some sad music that you used to listen to in middle school when your crush started dating someone.


  • Step 2: Relax

Now that the hysteria is out of your system, just relax. Panicking will not help you finish earlier or write a better essay. All anxiety does at this point is get in the way of you finishing your work. So just relax and get to work. Take each assignment one at a time and focus.


  • Step 3: Focus

Stay focused. Rather than waste time texting your friend about how screwed you are or calculating your worst-case GPA, just get to work. I have found that when I procrastinate and just make sure to work hard on it later I usually have plenty of time to finish the assignment.


  • Step 4: Try to Learn From Your Mistakes

Accept that you are human and that you are going to make mistakes. Do your best to learn from them but also keep in mind that it is okay. Maybe your concerns are legitimate. Maybe you procrastinated have because of this you have failed a class. That is okay. No matter your past mistakes, no matter how bad they seem, you can always come back from it.


So the next time you procrastinate, because you will, keep in mind that everything will be okay and do your best to stay calm.

"You can tell how smart people are by what they laugh at." -Tina Fey
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