Ways to Improve Your Studying

We all vary when it comes to how we study. My roommate would start studying for our communications exams by using quizlets, while I would literally write all the information we needed to know first. There are all kinds of various, effective ways to put information in our brain but here are a few universal tips that could help someone with even the worst study habits.


  • Space it out

Cramming instead of studying a little at a time is a HUGE mistake that many of us busy college students make. Having a chaotic schedule only means you have to be that much more organized and prepared. Planning out time for your studying is of utmost importance when there is not a lot of time to work with. I have found that my study habits have tremendously improved this semester, even though I have a bigger workload. This is because I realized the benefit of starting


  • Tutors and study groups

Instead of wasting time by dwelling on what does not make sense, find a resource! If you are not studying the correct information, then what is the point? Take full advantage of resources on campus that offer free tutoring services. Visit your professor or TA’s office. Find a group of responsible students in your class to study with. You would be surprised how much can be done if one is given the right


  • Have goals in mind

Going into your study time knowing what you need to accomplish will make your time much more beneficial. This way, you have an end in sight and you will not be as likely to call it quits early. Knowing what you need to do in order to be prepared might sound like common sense but write it out! For example, during Tuesday’s study session I will read through the textbook chapters and during Wednesday’s study session I will start making the study guide.


I hope this list of strategies will assist you in your preparation for any upcoming exams. Remember, planning ahead is KEY!