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UK’s Uptown Girl: Parlay Social

Parlay Social is Lexington’s newest “IT” spot. Ladies, if you’re tired of the typical meat markets and beerkegcattlecallhookup joints, then this is the place for you.

Bob Estes, the owner and working general manager, describes his new project as a “prohibition performance lounge.”

From the second that you walk in the door, you will feel like you have entered a place unlike any other in Lexington.

Estes went to pain-staking lengths to preserve the natural and original feeling of the building. The floors have been stripped down to the original wood, and are simply gorgeous. All of the art on the walls is consistent with the era, as is the menu (coming soon).

This is not a college bar, which is exactly why I want to introduce you to it. If you are interested in continuing your education and, perhaps, your life, in this growing and vibrant city, you’ll want to check this place out. It is a great place to network and meet interesting and educated people that will help you further your career and expand your social circle for the better.

On any given night you are likely to run into some of Lexington’s high rollers. Politicians, judges, attorneys and entrepreneurs alike are all beginning to add this place to the top of their lists. Once you go, you’ll see why.

This is not a speak-easy, but you will get that feeling.

It’s classy, it’s cool, it’s laid back and it’s sexy.

They have live music, good live music, which is such a breath of fresh air for this town. Estes brought in the best of the best for the sound engineering. The acoustics are phenomenal and lend themselves brilliantly to music styles ranging from jazz, classical trios and local favorites like The Swells.

I was lucky enough to see The Swells on Friday night and was blown away by the reception that they received from the crowd, which ranged in ages and socio-economic backgrounds. People were quietly sipping handcrafted drinks while fully engaged in the music. At one point in the evening, a vivacious couple got up from their plush booth seats and began to dance in front of the stage. It had the whole place clapping and smiling.

Check it out. You won’t be disappointed. This is the sort of place that is perfect for a first date, or a second … maybe even a third ;).

It gives you everything you want. From great music to a classic ambiance with every detail accounted for and a plethora of televisions so that you won’t miss the big UK game.

Take your desire for upscale entertainment and parlay it right into your car by heading on down to Short Street where you’ll find exactly what you’ve been looking for.

257 W. Short Street
Lexington, Kentucky 40507

Mon – Fri: 3:30 pm 2:30 am
Sat: 4:00 pm 2:30 am
Sun: 12:30 pm 12:30 am
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