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Trump’s Rollback of Birth Control Mandates for Employers

As we all know many changes are taking place since Trump has taken office. One of the oldest arguments, one that we successfully fought from the 1960s to 1980s, is whether or not insurance should cover birth control costs. The whole issue is controversial due to the religion and moral beliefs of certain employment places.


Over 55 million women can access birth control without having to pay due to the contraceptive coverage mandate by the Obama administration. Hundreds of thousands of women can lose birth control benefits with these new regulations in place.


Apparently there are all kinds of religious objections to the contraceptive coverage mandate. The Trump administration believes that they need to give new expanded exemptions. This way the new rules of the Affordable Care Act does not require coverage of contraceptives.


The administration lists health risks linked to birth control such as “risky sexual behavior” among some teenagers and young adults. However, obstetricians and gynecologists say that contraceptives have been helpful for the health of women. The fact that Viagra is covered by medical insurance and federal funding while women’s contraceptives are being questioned is also something to ponder about.


Another explanation provided by the Trump administration is that it can hinder the free exercise of religion for employers. However, no moves are being made to provide protection for nonreligious, moral conscientious objections.


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Article photo from skynews.com

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