Top 10 Movies To Watch This Halloween Season

The pumpkins are out and lit, and the trees are changing color, but there's also a cold breeze. Night crawlers are lurking about.

Which also means: it’s that time of the year to watch Halloween movies instead of going out. Here are the top 10 movies for this Halloween season!   


10. Scream Team: a 2000s Disney Channel movie about a haunted town and a ghost team that helps these ghosts find peace, in order to go on to the other side. Isn’t it beautiful?

9. Nightmare Before Christmas: A movie featuring the best holidays of the year, Christmas and Halloween. Could there be anything better than monsters taking over December? But, you still have the feeling that it’s Halloween.

8. Twitches 1 and 2: Tia and Tamera are always killing it as twins. But, twins with magical abilities trying to defeat the darkness is the whipped cream on a pumpkin spice latté.    

7. Mom’s got a Date with a Vampire: Three kids realize their mom is dating a vampire and now, they have to get rid of him. It's great, but who knew vampires even existed in 2000?

6. Halloween: If you are in the mood to scream your head off and have nightmares for the next month, this is the movie for you. 

5. Practical Magic: Another sister duo who kick some serious demon ass, looking good doing it. Sandra Bullock also gives us major goals to become a witch.

4.  Casper and Wendy: Before those Lizzie McGuire days, Hilary Duff was a little witch still learning how to work her magic. Then, she meets one friendly ghost that changes everything. First off, who doesn’t love Hilary Duff? Secondly, she is adorable!

3. All of the Harry Potter movies: You just know that Harry Potter marathon will be on ABC Family sometime this Halloween season. It's siriusly great.

2. All the Halloweentown movies (except the fourth): Everyone loves watching Marnie find out she was a witch and seeing her grow up. But, did anyone else notice that the last movie had Sarah Paxton in the film instead of the normal Marnie? Unacceptable Disney! You just can’t switch Marnies on us!

1. Hocus Pocus: The classic Disney film that everyone loves. Typical witches just sucking the age out of young children, so they can live forever. How real is that?


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