Thoughts on Humanity

Milos Tonchevski


I have reached the point in my life where I have accepted that I do not understand people, and I am probably never going to. I would like to believe that the reason for this is the complexity of the human mind.


People do things that make me sometimes ask myself “Why? Just why?”


Sometimes people do things, and when asked why would not be able to give an answer, at least a justifiable one.


Why do people act out of impulses rather than logic and reasoning. Being the smarter species on Earth’s population should this not be what we strive for? To make decisions that would work out for our advantages in the future.


However, a large portion of the decisions made on a daily basis do the exact opposite. Leading to situations worse than when the day started. The big question is “Why though?”


Why do we make decisions we do not want to make, but make anyway. Not because happiness is gained from it, there is a sort of fulfillment or we have to. Why do we make decisions that make us unhappy, when we know they would make us unhappy?


I would like to believe it is not because we want to be constantly unhappy, it is because we are constantly surrounded by people and situations that make these decisions seem like the right choice.


The influences the surround ourselves with impact our view of life, the decisions made, and why we make these decisions.


In the end, let’s strive to surround ourselves with those we love so we are constantly enveloped in so much love, appreciation and all positive vibes so decisions are not made out pain or discomfort.