Tessa Thompson Is The Star To Look Out For In 2019

Many of you may know her as Michael B. Jordan’s boo thang from the Creed movies, but she’s so much more than that.


Thompson is a biracial queen who is thriving in the entertainment industry who began in small, indie films to big Marvel productions. She also keeps an eye for roles that are far from stereotypes. If she does receive a role that is smaller or is stereotyping, she negotiates a way for it to be more, to give the character a real purpose in the film rather than someone’s side chick.


She’s a unique actress and brings an entirely different level of diversity into the industry by not only in looks, race, and sexuality, but also in the way she acts and gives every role she is assigned a real role rather than something as unnecessary as a tree in a school play. She makes sure that her character actually makes an impact in the film, no matter how small the role may be.


This Afro-Latina’s music is found in the Creed and Creed II’s soundtrack, as well as the Main Title track for For Colored Girls.


Thompson is an American actress, singer, and songwriter, who has had small supporting roles in the film industry but this past year she has skyrocketed as an actress. Oh and yes, she is the daughter of singer-songwriter Marc Anthony Thompson.


She did amazing in her roles in Creed, Thor, Sorry To Bother You, Dear White People and other films with smaller roles. The movies mentioned are the ones where she got loads of attention, and in 2019 she is going to be more than just a love interest assisting the male lead.


At this point you are probably asking yourself why you should care. Well, here’s why:


  • She has repeatedly achieved roles that defy gender and racial stereotypes

  • She is a rising actress who is constantly defining and pushing the boundaries of what role a young, black woman should play

  • She is bisexual and is a strong voice for the LGBTQ+ in the entertainment industry

  • She is going to have a LEAD in the upcoming movie Men in Black: International, for the first time in that series to have a female leading agent


Little Woods and Lady and the Tramp are some more of Thompson’s works that we will see in 2019, keep an eye on her!