The Struggles of a Girl Who Loves Sports


  • The women’s apparel

As a woman who loves sports, I don’t want a jersey that’s pink or has bling on it. I don’t go to the games to look cute, I go for the fun of it. Now I will say, the NFL and NBA has definitely gotten better with jerseys and not making them look super girly.


  • People don’t expect you to know as much as you do

For some reason or another, when a girl says she likes certain team or sport, she all of sudden gets pop quiz of “name the player” and “what’s the stat”. I remember a time when I was at a football game with some girlfriends and I was explaining why grabbing a players face mask is illegal. A guy standing in front of us turned about and alluded to the fact he was surprised I knew what I was talking about. So surprise, surprise I actually know what I’m talking about.


  • You sometimes have to go to games by yourself

There are times you’re the only girl in your friend group to love sports and more often than not you’ll end up going to games or events by yourself. This sucks sometimes, but then you come realize that you’re enjoying the sport you love and you don’t have to spend time explaining the game to someone.


  • You’re just trying to impress the guys

HAHAHAHAHA. You’re funny.



  • You’re Often Overlooked

You know the conversations you have with your parent’s and you think they’re listening to you when they’re really not? Yeah that’s what it’s like to be girl talking about sports to guys. There have been so many times I’ll make a comment about a game or player and the guys I around will just keep talking like I never said anything. But then, 10 seconds later, one of them will say the EXACT same thing I said.



Body photo by Jordan Colquitt