Starting a Business in College: Pure and Pampered

Photo By Peyton Barnhill


Self-care has a wide range, spanning from lighting a candle to getting milkshakes with your best friend. Yet, who would ever imagine a night of self-care could turn into a business working out of a dorm room? This is the story of Her Campus UK’s very own, Taylon Baker.


It all started simply enough. Baker posted on Facebook that she was going to spend the week focusing on self-care. Baker said in an interview, “I never dreamed people would ever comment that they wanted one of my body scrubs. Since that first post, I have sold nearly 300 body scrubs and around 100 lip scrubs.”


Baker started with making sugar scrubs she sold through her Facebook page. Her products differ throughout the year and depending on her course load, but she is currently selling Body Sugar Scrubs, Lip Scrubs, Lotion Bars and Jelly Soap that come in a wide array of scents for each. Baker hopes to add more to her 100 percent homemade, organic and dye-free products list soon!


If given the opportunity, Baker believes every college student should start their own business. She says, “It beats working a job where I work six hours and then rush back to get my classwork done. It’s a flexible schedule, and I work when I can.”


Baker hopes to someday get her products in retail stores. For now, she continues to work out of her dorm where it all started.


She believes fully in granting everyone the ability to practice self-care. Baker says, “With my mother having psoriasis, I wanted her to have a product that would be easy on her skin. I ended up making all my products gentle with organic ingredients, and no dyes whatsoever. I want every last person to be able to take care of themselves.”


If you are interested in purchasing any of Pure and Pampered’s products, you can contact Taylon Baker through her Facebook page at or call/text her work number at (606)-269-9033.



This article is not sponsored by Pure and Pampered.