Starbucks Holiday Menu Review

You know it is time for lights, presents and eggnog when you walk into your local Starbucks only to be greeted by a sea of red, green and sparkles.


As the coffee shop winds down the year, they introduce a new holiday collection for all of their customers. One of the most iconic parts of the seasonal attractions is nonetheless their red reusable cup. The franchise has become increasingly popular with this cup, even amidst controversy over designs some years. However, the main attraction is always the new food and drinks on display.


I decided to hurry down to my local Starbucks on the first day they introduced this new collection and was treated to a free red cup with the purchase of a holiday drink.


I settled on a grande hot toasted white chocolate mocha, different from their regular white chocolate mocha drink. This drink featured a more marshmallow-like flavor with red sprinkles to top it off.


I truly enjoyed how they give you this drink with the top off of the cup, so one can see the color and bliss of the drink. In my honest review, this drink was much better than the original one with the toasty, cozy flavor.


I, later on, tried the caramel brulee, which is very sweet and creamy.


Also, I tried the peppermint mocha which has always been a favorite of mine, with both cool and hot attributes. However, peppermint is something they seem to keep around all year long, as I have ordered peppermint hot chocolate before in September.


When trying some of the pastries, I started out with the cranberry bliss bar. If you are a fan of cream cheese icing and citrus, this item is sure to please. It features a citrusy drizzle on top of the icing and dried cranberries. It really is beautiful to look at as well


I’ve never been a huge fan of a Danish, but for the sake of this article, I gave the sugar plum cheese danish a try. Surprisingly, it was very good and truly tasted like the holiday season with a spiced sugar plum spread and cream cheese.


Finally, I tried the new snowman cookie. It features a shortbread base with white chocolate icing and milk chocolate accents. With each one being hand-decorated, it will make one feel like they are back in their mom’s kitchen the night before Christmas.


Starbucks’ new holiday-themed menu is sure to be a crowd pleaser, especially if you are a die-hard fan of the franchise. Don’t forget to check out their holiday merchandise while you are at it!