Spring Trends That Never Go out of Style

Spring is here (with spring weather falling shortly behind) and every year, new trends and fads come and go. However, there are some that (almost) never go out of style. Here are 9 spring trends that you can rock year after year!



Flowers bloom in the spring and so should your clothes! From shirts to shoes to flower crowns, new floral patterns are introduced in the fashion world every year, and they are something that will always scream spring.


Similar to floral patterns, pastel colors are always introduced in the springtime. They have a bright and cheery effect, improving your mood before summer rolls around. You can wear pastel clothing, pastel purses and even pastel nail polish. A popular one this year is pale yellow!


It seems like denim is popular all year round, but it dominates spring season. Denim skirts, denim shorts and even denim rompers/jumpsuits are great spring fashion items. A great staple item is a denim jacket — you can throw it on over any outfit.


Hats are perfect for blocking out the sun and adding style to any look. You can wear a floppy hat, baseball cap, fedora or anything else to make your outfit trendy for spring.


It seems like a new style of sunglasses is “in” every day. From aviator glasses to “clout” glasses, there are endless options. That is why this trend is my personal favorite -- you can own 10 pairs of sunglasses and still have a different style than someone else.

Crop Tops

Although what you wear crop tops with changes -- high-wasted shorts, denim skirts, Bondi pants, etc. -- the actual crop top has always stayed in style. There are endless cuts, colors, patterns and fabrics. I recommend a plain white crop top if nothing else. It is basic and matches everything.

Glowy Skin

Matte makeup is ideal for the winter, but when spring time rolls around it is all about the glow! Dewy, hydrating makeup lines shelves, as it leaves you feeling and looking fresh and rejuvenated.

Layered jewelry

Because you wear fewer clothes when the weather gets nicer, you can make up for it in jewelry! Layer necklaces, bracelets and rings to make any plain outfit look put together. It is all about the details!


Braids are perfect for spring because they look effortless and keep your hair out of your face. They are the perfect hairstyle for festivals. Throw on a hat with it! And there are a million types of braids that can complete any look.

There are many other trends that stay in style year after year, but these are the main ones that always seem to take fame.


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