Spring Break Staycation Binge-Watch List

In my last article I talked about ways to own your introversion. With spring break among us, I am reminded of my introverted tendencies. I am not the spring break party type. I don’t have any interest in drinking in a bathing suit or even leaving my house. This year my plans include my best pals, board games, snacks, and youtube. As a fellow broke college student, I recognize the difficulty in managing several “borrowed,” Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime accounts. To make things easy on you I’ll be sharing my to-binge-watch list from youtube, which is absolutely free!


Her sense of humor and one of a kind style will reel you in! Her internet persona lacks a filter and shares embarrassing, but relatable, content. Sometimes she discusses her secrets and others she dyes her hair in public, unpredictability is not her weakness.


The most extra queen of youtube makes mukbangs, hauls, and videos of herself crying on her kitchen floor. No matter the content, her videos are far from boring. She is over the top and a chronic over-sharer, but she keeps you wanting more.


He is one of the most well known youtubers. His videos have moved from sketch comedy into more lengthy documentary style videos. His most recent conspiracy theory videos will have you questioning our media, reliance on technology, and even chuckie cheese pizza. This are perfect if you’re looking for a longer video.


Natalie posts videos of her private vocal coaching lessons. Though I’m not musically or vocally talented by any means, I find myself binge watching these videos. I did have a solo in the Christmas play at age 8, so if I watch enough of these, catch me on Broadway.


This couple is heartwarming and hilarious! Their story-time videos help spread awareness about disabilities and make their viewers laugh. They offer a comedic perspective on accessibility obstacles that individuals with disabilities face. Bonus points for video captions!


Last but not least, Button Poetry serves videos of spoken word artists. Whether you consider yourself creative or emotionally invested in poetry, you will get drawn in by these incredible artists. Andrea Gibson is one of my all-time favorites.


I hope you all enjoy your break from classes, staycation or vacation. If you need some entertainment during your time off, I hope you’ll click through these channels. Until next time, find me on my couch.