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Spring Break and Binge (Netflix of Course)

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Spring Break is officially underway, and if you are like me you are at home. Chilling at home over spring break is totally acceptable. I am looking forward to just relaxing at home with some snacks and some great Netflix shows. I have included a list of shows you can check out if you are in need of something to watch over your break.


  • The Killing

If you like murder mysteries you will love this show. This show starts out focusing on the murder of Rosie Larsen. The episodes focus on solving this case for a while, but it is filled with so many twist and turns the episodes just fly by.


  • Black Mirror

If you are into episodes about the world after a surge of technology advancements, Black Mirror is for you. Each episode is different so the order you watch them does not really matter. All of them are interesting and take a unique look at how to far of a technological advancement could do us more harm than good.


  • Seven Seconds

This show looks into the truth and the injustices that victims of police brutality are facing. This shows seems very emotional. It also looks detailed so I feel like you have to be paying attention to the show to really understand it.


  • Imposters

I remember seeing a commercial for this show and then never hearing anything else, so I am really excited to have found this. The show looks at a con artist who tricks people into marrying her and then she steals their money. She is married to multiple people at once all under a different name and disguise. Two of her husbands find about this and try to track her down.

My name is Micah Hurt. I am a sophomore Equine major at the University of Kentucky. I am also a Resident Advisor (RA). I love to read, explore Lexington (or anywhere really), and listen to murder mystery podcast!
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