Spring Break 2016 Style

If you haven’t been counting down the days already, which I highly doubt, we have three weeks until we are free for one full week. Some people might be heading to the typical Florida getaway while others are exploring outside the USA. No matter where you are going, you can still be fashion forward during your spring break.



This 2016, swimsuits have been changing up a bit and it’s no longer about the “itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini” anymore. It’s now all about the halter look and netting. You are probably thinking, how is there netting in a swimsuit? Well, companies like Victoria Secret and Altered State do not disappoint in the style that I’m talking about. Either if there some type of netting on the top of the halter or bottom of it, it seems to pull off an amazing bohemian look. Just think, you will get some fun tan lines from it as well.


Day to Day Outfit

When you aren’t at the beach doesn't mean you can’t incorporate your swimsuit into your outfit. Spring break clothing is meant for you to be prepared for the unexpected. Whether it’s getting thrown into a pool by a hottie or taking late swim in the ocean. With your swimsuit you can wear a loose shirt that still shows your swimsuit as well as the classic jean shorts. It’s even more stylish with holes already in them. Also, add a chunky belt to add some fun. If it gets chilly, you can always throw on a light jacket to keep you warm around maybe a bonfire on the beach (yes I’m taking it back to the Laguna Beach days with LC).


Night on the Town Outfit

Of course there is always those nights where you explore the city with your best girlfriends and guy friends. Flowy dresses are in this season as well as having a few holes in some parts of the dress or top to show some skin. When it comes to spring break, you want to be bright and colorful since you have been wearing mostly dark colors for the past three months. It’s ok to be bold in your going out outfits because no one knows you and spring break is meant to be unforgettable.


You only have three more weeks to shop for the most perfect swimsuit and outfits for you 2016 Spring Break! Get a move on girl!  

Photo Credits:

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