Shop a 2019 Winter Lookbook

We’re only one month into 2019, but new winter fashion looks are already trending.


Some are extended from last year, some are slowly making a comeback after a decade, and others are brand new. Here are a few trends I’ve noticed from scrolling through Instagram’s explore page and researching celebrities’ looks.


Create your own looks with these trends by clicking the hyperlinks (pink words) to shop while you read! I tried to find the most affordable options that are still super stylish, so hopefully you get a new outfit by the end of this article!




  • Prints

Prints have always been in style, but ones that are making a comeback from the early 2000s are animal prints. Specifically, cheetah and snakeskin. These prints are commonly paired with basics, as they are the primary attention-getter of an outfit. Other popular prints include plaid (common on trouser pants), camouflage (common on leggings), and stars (common on literally anything).


  • Corduroy

After velvet made a comeback a few years ago, I thought that would be it or textured clothing. I was wrong. Corduroy started popping up in a lot of boutiques and stores, specifically jeans and jackets. The last time I wore corduroy was when I was in kindergarten, but I can’t say I’m mad it’s coming back in style: it will definitely be warm in the next few winter months.


  • Cropped Bubble Coats

Puffy coats are always a necessity in the winter, but each year they get puffier and puffier. This year, not only are they very large, but they are also cropped. I guess what is missing in length is made up for in width. Plain, neon, or patterned, these coats will definitely be essential for the really cold winter days. Don’t fear looking like a marshmallow this winter season—apparently its trendy now!


  • Faux Leather

Leather is one of those trends that I feel like has never truly gone out of style (especially faux—be stylish, affordable, and animal-friendly). You can’t really go wrong with this one—it can be dressed up or made casual. Leather skirts and leggings trended last year, but this year is the year of the leather jacket. Black or colored (great for game days), cropped or long, studded, fringed, or “painted”, leather jackets will be the staple item of any winter outfit.


  • Color Blocking

Black and white color blocking was made popular with Ariana Grande’s “problem” look in 2014 and remains in style five years later. Now, however, color blocking is popular with bright, neon colors (80s and 90s inspired) and even shades of denim. Don’t be afraid to mix different fun-colored pieces you normally think wouldn’t match. As crazy as it sounds, mismatched outfits are becoming very stylish.


  • Turtlenecks

Wearing turtlenecks used to be embarrassing, but now they are styled in a variety of fashionable ways. Worn underneath t-shirts, layered with denim jackets, or even simply on their own, turtlenecks are keeping everyone warm and stylish. Similar to turtlenecks, cowl neck sweaters are carrying over from last year, and they, too, can be paired with many outfits.


  • Oversized Sweatshirts

Possibly my personal favorite, oversized sweatshirts are the most comfortable fashion trend of the new year. Worn as a dress, with jeans and heels, or with leggings and Nikes, oversized sweatshirts are also the most versatile item of the season. Celebrities like Bella Hadid, Billie Eilish, and Kylie Jenner have been seen rocking these looks street style. You can truly wear any style, any color, or any design with any outfit, making your own personal statement. An added bonus: you can roll out of bed and wear them to your college classes, looking cute without any effort.




  • Dr. Marten’s

I am not surprised that Dr. Marten’s popularized at the end of 2018. I stored mine from five years ago on the top shelf of my closet, anticipating their comeback. Docs go with basically any outfit—they are a functional and fashionable boot. They can be expensive, but there are a variety of knock-offs boots that are just as cute.


  • Platforms

Platform shoes are a short girl’s best friend in the fashion world. I’ve seen platform Supergas, Dr. Marten’s, and Vans styled in the coolest ways. Going along with the platform trend, super chunky boots and shoes have also been in style. I personally feel like this trend may die out after 2019, so make the most of these shoes you currently own and love.


  • Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots are a simple, classic fashion item that I think is timeless. Short in style and diverse in material, these boots go with almost any outfit. Recently, I’ve seen them worn all over my college campus, meaning they are comfortable and casual enough to wear to class! Many brands have hopped on the trend, including Hunter, Steve Madden, and Target.




  • Beanies

Wearing hats in the winter is common sense, but the past few months have been all about beanies. Beanies have been worn more casually or for street style as opposed to formally, but can really enhance an outfit, while providing warmth. The only tricky thing about beanies is that they have a very specific vibe, meaning that matching outfit choices are somewhat limited. But, once you do pick an outfit, the beanie makes it complete. Plus, they are a great option if you are having a bad hair day.


  • Belts

Similar to beanies, belts provide both functionality and style to any outfit. If you feel like your outfit is cute and has potential to be really trendy, add a belt! They are also great to synch boxy or oversized items at the waist, specifically loose t-shirt or sweatshirt dresses. Adding a belt to black jeans seems to be the most common on college nights out, with the style ranging from simple black (faux) leather to Western to chains to animal printed.


  • Statement Earrings

Make any outfit bold with huge, funky earrings. The bigger, (and the weirder) the better! If you do choose to wear statement earrings, keep the rest of the jewelry to a minimum. Tassel earrings are especially popular for game days, and dangly earrings can dress up your look. You can also never go wrong with big hoops—add them to a lazy outfit with a high ponytail to appear a little more presentable when you just don’t feel like trying too hard.


  • Crew socks

Paired with the right shoes, crew socks have been really popular among fashion influencers. I’ve been seeing them worn a lot with Nike Airforce 1’s and Dr. Marten’s. You can get really creative with the socks you pair, whether they have patterns, ruffles, stripes, or a fun design. As long as the length isn’t awkward with the outfit, crew socks can be cute and make outfits more casual (something we haven’t achieved yet with previous pieces).


  • Layered Jewelry

Layered jewelry is another trend that I believe is timeless. The choker craze seems to have ended but chokers aren’t fully out, as they now are layered with other necklaces. Dainty necklaces have also been popular, as to not layer an overwhelming amount of jewelry. Rings continue to thrive in the fashion world, being stacked and worn with everyday looks. And, don’t worry if you’re mixing metallics—wearing gold and silver together ensures that your look isn’t too matchy-matchy and allows more flexibility with mixing the jewelry you have.


  • Hair Scarves

Another item that seems to have made a slight comeback after about a decade is hair scarves. They come in a variety of patterns and prints, allowing your hairstyle to influence your outfit choice. I haven’t seen much of them yet, but I think they will become really popular leading into the spring and summer, when ponytails and “messy” buns become the go-to.


That just about does it for the new winter fashion trends this year—hopefully you enjoyed shopping and reading! If you liked this article and possibly want a similar one for the spring and/or summer, let us know! Message us here or on Instagram @hercampusuk, and tag us in any photos of you wearing items inspired by this lookbook!