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Olivia Gatwood and Melissa Lozada-Oliva are poetry spoken word artists. They’ve traveled the world reciting poems from their own respective poetry chapbooks, “New American Best Friend” and “Life of the Party” (Gatwood’s books) and “Peluda” (Lozada’s book). They became friends during their journey into spoken word and created their own podcast, “Say More,” in 2018. 


Both Gatwood and Lozada cover a multitude of topics in their podcast. Ranging from boys to beauty, to cats and capitalism, they pretty much cover every facet of a woman's life. Not to mention they are raw and pretty much unfiltered. They say what comes to mind and do it so articulately that their conversations are always easy to follow and captivating.


My favorite episode from their podcast is episode number six. It’s about true crime and the singer Selena. Gatwood has an interesting obsession and opinion on true crime and a fear of being a victim of such crimes. I feel like this specific episode is really relatable to girls and women because I feel as though we all have a fear of being subject to horrendous things. Not to mention, a lot of us don’t talk about this fear or don’t even know we have it deep down. 


Another thing that is cool about this podcast is that both poets bring on other spoken word artists. They talk to them about their writing or experiences with being a minority or a woman in this field or just in life. One thing that is authentic about this podcast is that the first couple of episodes are filmed in one of their closets for acoustics. The progression and quality of the podcast gets better with every episode as well. 


Here is a link to view their podcast: https://saymore.libsyn.com


I am a sophomore at the University of Kentucky with a major in Journalism! My passions are writing and reading poetry, as well as, experiencing new things the world has to offer!
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