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If you checked out my article last week, you know that I invested the last few weeks of summer vacation on the affordable, Do-It-Yourself version of Netflix’s Queer Eye. This week I am sharing my college student tricks for fashion.


  • Know Where to Splurge


It makes sense to spend money on a high-quality pair of jeans and shoes.  Personally, I go for a dark wash without any distressing. This makes it easy to dress them up or down.  Shoes are important especially for students at a university with a sprawled-out campus. On any given day, I could be walking up to six miles.  The flimsy shoes are going to wear out faster than their lower price is worth.


  • Know Where to Skimp


For this, think if you will wear an article of clothing enough to justify spending more money on it.  T-shirts come free with almost all UK events. There is no need to spend $40 on something you are going to wear under a jacket.  

Target sells solid t-shirts typically for $8 or less. As tempting as it is to spend a lot of money for a formal dress, look at Goodwill and other thrift stores instead. Dresses for formal are normally only worn once or twice so high-quality ones can be easily found.



  • Learn How to Shop for Your Age


This can be one of the hardest tips to follow when we are in college.  College sort of feels like limbo, right, where we are not quite adults, but we are not children either. However, the styles we find in the Junior section are not designed for curvier bodies and are not as flattering as other designs can be.



We are halfway through my Queer Eye: DIY series.  Check out next week’s article to learn how to spice up your cooking abilities!

"You can tell how smart people are by what they laugh at." -Tina Fey
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