The Pros/Cons of Living on or Living off Campus

After my freshman year was completed I decided to take a further step and to move off of campus. Seems like everyone does that right? But I wanted to do it not because I wanted to be more independent and have more freedom. Which it is better than what is allowed in the dorm rooms but I wanted to make sure I was making the most reasonable financial choice possible. Although, more independence is needed.




  • Cheaper

Me and my roommate/best friend knew after freshman year that we wanted to get off of campus because the dorm prices were just ridiculous. Looking at our options we found one of the nicest apartments for a reasonable price and saved a good amount compared to the dorm.


  • More "homey"

You can make your apartment you. Although you can decorate the dorms there are still limitations due to the space and what you are allowed to have.


  • Independent

No more checking people in and out the dorms, giving IDs, or only allowed to have a minimum of 2 people. You now get to have people come over whenever and possibly small get togethers if you like to enjoy time with your friends.


  • Cooking

You have a kitchen of your own! No sharing with the whole dorm building just you and your roommates. This means more space and better yet cleanness. Also you don’t need a meal plan which means you save more money.




  • Off campus

Honestly this is the only con I have experienced. Being off campus doesn’t allow you to get up and run to class. You now have to travel rather its by the campus apartment buses (15) or by car. You have to make the incentive to get up at a decent time so you can get dressed and make it to class on time.



Do you prefer living off campus or on campus?