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Procrastination and How to Avoid It

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UK chapter.

Photo By Alexis Brown


And just like that, finals are upon us. While this should be a time to buckle down concerning our studies, go on library-lockdown and do everything we can to pull off that GPA, for many it only means one thing: procrastination. So what do you do when you want to avoid the  “five-minute study break” leads to three exams and one all-nighter? You kick procrastination to the curb with these tips!


  • Make a Structured Day-to-Day Plan and Stick to It

Sit down before finals week and create a plan of what you want to accomplish each day and then do everything you can to stick to it. This is perfect for dividing up work a little each day, so no more all-nighters the night before the big exam! It will also give you a huge feeling of accomplishment as you complete each day’s goals!


  • Reward Yourself

Promise yourself a fun activity or treat after you accomplish a major task or the day’s goals. If you finish writing that big paper you were stressing over, watch an episode or two of your favorite show on Netflix. Finish the day’s tasks? Go grab coffee with a friend! You do not have to study every second of the day to achieve your goals, just be smart with your time!


  • Get Some Sleep

The tendency to stay up late and pull all-nighters to get that A may be super tempting, but it is just not worth it. Getting sleep will make you healthier and more alert in the end. Besides, if you do not know it those few hours before the exam, you probably will not know it then either. Get some sleep and be at your optimal performance state for the exam. By establishing that you will not be staying up all night to complete something, procrastination can be very easily avoided because you have to get things done earlier.


  • Sit down and Recognize the End Goal

Remember why you are here. Yes, college can definitely be a time of fun and friends, but at the end of the day you are here to get a degree, and hopefully one that means a career doing something you are passionate about. Do not forget that passion, and use it to fuel your study drive, knowing that in the end it will all be worth it.